Poll for November 12, 2001

SEATTLE - These appear to be slim times for the Miami Hurricanes. Last week, they held onto the top spot of Top 25 College Football Poll by the slimmest of margins - one point - over Nebraska. Saturday, they overtook Boston College by a slim 18-7 score. And today the Hurricanes held onto the No. 1 spot by - you guessed it - a slim, one-point advantage.

That made two of three for the 8-0 Hurricanes, who are No. 1 in and Associated Press polls and No. 2 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Top 25. Boston College's near-upset of Miami didn't impress voters, however, as the Eagles fell from No. 25 out of the rankings. pollsters were otherwise not much in a mood for change this week. The next six teams after Miami also retained their rankings. Only Washington (7-2) tumbled out of the top 10, dropping from No. 8 to No. 14 after getting pummeled by Oregon State 42-28.

Washington's archrivals, the Washington State Cougars (9-1) were the prime beneficiaries, improving to No. 8 after polishing off Arizona State 28-16. Maryland (9-1) is right behind at No. 9 after taking sole possession of the ACC lead with a 37-20 victory over Clemson.

Auburn (7-2), Louisville (9-1) and Ohio State (6-3) jumped into the rankings this week. In addition to Boston College, Purdue and Michigan State also fell out of the top 25. is an online sports network featuring the top college team, recruiting, NFL and high school sites on the Web. The Top 25 College Poll includes ballots from publishers reflecting the regions and conferences represented in college team network.

The Nov. 11, 2001 Poll:

1 Miami (6)2691
2 Nebraska (5)2682
3 Oklahoma2503
4 Florida2454
5 Texas2315
6 Tennessee2136
7 Oregon2127
8 Washington State18810
9 Maryland18411
10 Brigham Young1759
11 Michigan16612
12 Illinois14814
13 Syracuse12919
14 Washington1208
15 Stanford11616
16 Colorado11421
17 Auburn81
18 Florida State6813
19 Virginia Tech6322
20 UCLA6215
21 Louisville57
South Carolina5717
23 Georgia Tech3118
25 Ohio State19
*First place votes in parenthesis.

Other teams receiving votes:
Boston College 17, Marshall 17, Mississippi 13, Texas A&M 9, NC State 5, Texas Tech 5, Utah 5, Arkansas 4, Fresno State 2, LSU 1.

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