MU-Troy St. Post Game Quotes

Post-game press conference quotes from Marshall basketball players and coaches, after the 77-72 loss to Troy State on November 23, 2001. For Premium subscribers only...

Any thoughts on why you weren't able to win this one?

Tamar Slay: "They made some big shots. We had our hands up in there faces, but they made big shots the whole game. I guess its some of our inexperience, just not putting them away. The game should never have come down to the final three minutes. We should have put them away early. They hit the shots in the end, and we didn't. But it never should have come down to that. We should have put them away earlier.

J.R., was their zone giving you trouble in finding your places on the court to shoot from?

J.R. VanHoose: "Well, no, I'm pretty comfortable shooting from 15 feet. But when you don't post up the whole game, it kinda takes you out of your game. We've been ready for them for three days. We knew that they were going zone the whole game. Me and Latece knew it was going to be difficult for us to get shots the whole game. Sometimes, they just don't fall. They were really active in their zone, they were really quick with it. I didn't make my shots. Sometimes they don't go in, and sometimes you have to do other things. We've just got to get better. We're still learning. I know a lot of people are going to doubt us tomorrow, when the papers come out. But you know what? We're 0-0 in the MAC, and these games are great for us. But we've still got our overall goal of a MAC championship ahead of us. If people want to doubt us, that's fine. There's a group of guys in that locker room who are going to stick together the whole year, and not listen to what people say. If they don't want to be positive with us, then that's fine. That's their opinion. We've still got our ultimate goal ahead of us. If people want to doubt us because of the last three games, then they don't have our best interests in mind. There are going to be a lot more good times than bad times."

Ronny, what's your take on the game?

Ronny Dawn: "Obviously, we're disappointed. They made shots at the end of the game, and we didn't. As Tamar said, it should have never come down to that, we should have put them away when we were up nine. We just didn't do that. We didn't execute when we needed to. Hopefully, we'll get that out of our system, it being the beginning of the year. And when it comes down to the MAC tournament, we can win at the end of the game."

Are turnovers frustrating for you guys? At this point, we know you're still coming together, but is that one of the things you guys want to get corrected quickly?

VanHoose: "Yeah, definitely. You've got to cut down the turnovers to win. We had turnovers, and they had some. It seemed like we had a few more, because of their zone. We're still working out the kinks. But we're not in a situation here where it's like coming down to the end of the year and we have to win these games. We're still learning, we can learn from these games. We just have to get ready for MAC play. At the end of the year when they tally up the conference games and wins, they really don't factor in that much. We just have to get better from these games. We have to work on our turnovers, work on our defenses, and just do the little things and get better at the little things. We'll be alright. That's what people have to understand: We're going to work through this, and we'll be alright."

Marshall coach Greg White: "You've got to get shots, you've got to knock down shots, and you've got to get shots. Those are obviously two areas...they hit two downtown threes, two game-winning shots, they deserve to win the game. It was an exciting finish. They get the win. They're a good club. They won 19 games last year. We've just got to step up and make the same kinds of plays if we want to win the game. We needed a stop and rebound, and we win the game. Instead, we give up two deep threes for baskets, and they get the win. 48 percent defensive field goal percentage is not good enough. It's just not good enough. I guarantee you they hit 10, 12, 13 maybe 14 threes."

The three that Rushing hit, he took that from the corner. Did it surprise you that he hit from there? Did your guys maybe just lose track of him for a second?

White: "We probably lost a little track of him. We're running what's called a point zone, in which you've got to 'point' their shooters. They got two deep threes. But you know, you want them to shoot that, but you don't want their 'shooters' to shoot that. You've got to close out on the 'shooters' and make them pass it. We got the lead in that zone, so the zone worked. But they hit some big-time threes. They miss those threes, and we win the game. They hit two big threes. Those six points won the game for them. They're veteran players, they stepped up and made big plays. Our veteran players have got to make plays. As coaches, we can't put the ball in the hole for them. They've got to make shots. There was one possession there where we had all five offensive rebounds. That ball has got to go in the basket. You've got to thrust up and stick the ball in the basket, period. But, three down and 25 to go. We've got a lot of basketball to play, we're 0-0 in the MAC, and hopefully we can get better."

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