The POST: Marshall-Miami Post-Game Quotes

Here's what was said in the post-game press conference after Marshall's 82-74 win over Miami on February 14, 2002.

J.R. VanHoose:
"The key thing is that we got stops when we needed to, and made free throws when we needed to. Nobody gave up. Right there at the end, we could have missed some free throws. We just kept on playing, and we played hard."

Tamar Slay:
"They like to walk the ball up the court and run 30 seconds off the shot clock. So, we knew we had to get out and pressure them, get the game up-tempo to play our pace. We did that, and they don't like it too much. And I think that affected them a little bit."

Miami coach Charlie Coles:
"I knew they were probably desperate, and that concerned me. We're coming off a great 24-point victory against Ohio, and it's hard to tell your team that, 'Hey guys, this may be the toughest game of the year for us, because we're playing against a team that, boy, look what they've went through.' Boy, my worst fears came to realization that these guys [Marshall] were going to play well, they were going to shoot it, they weren't going to fall apart. I thought their control was much better than I've ever seen it. And I credit [MU point guard] Monty Wright with that."

Marshall coach Greg White:
"This was a typical MAC war, trading baskets. They're hooping, we're hooping. We got the best of them, at the end. Certainly, Ronald Blackshear changes things. He can score, period. And you've got to guard him, which leaves the block wide open. A real key to tonight's game was our bench. We're down 8 or 9 there in the first half, and Ardo (Armpalu) and (William) Butler come into the game. They didn't get much done statistically, but changed the momentum of the game and got us back in the game."

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