The Post: Marshall-Ohio Post Game Comments

For our Club Members only, we present the best quotes from Marshall coach Greg White, J.R. VanHoose, and OU's Brandon Hunter, made in the post-game press conference.

Marshall coach Greg White:
"You thrown Brandon Hunter in there, he's like having three post guys. He's a big man-child."
"The most important thing that we have to do is make sure we stay focused and unified. These losses are hard on these guys. They took a tough loss today. They're hurting right now. It was winnable inside of a minute, and we didn't get it done. But it certainly wasn't effort. Why do guys miss free throws? That's a good question."

J.R. VanHoose:
"I hate going out there and playing hard, and people thinking that we're doing stuff wrong. I wish some people would come out there and try to do what we do. It's hard to rebound in this league. It's hard to score in the post in this league. I'd love for some people to come down there and see what it's like to have Brandon Hunter, Len Matela, and Lonnie Jones lay on you for a little while, and you score and try to get a rebound. It's not the best thing in the world. That's what people have to understand. We're just in a rut right now. It's nothing we're doing, it's just the way things are going right now. We just need some support."

OU's Brandon Hunter:
"It all came together tonight. We played with energy, we played together. We didn't do a lot of stupid things. We just came to play. We got a lot of rebounds, a lot of tips, when we needed them. And they converted to baskets. We had 11 offensive rebounds, and probably 8 or 9 of those converted to baskets."

J.R. VanHoose:
"Free throw shooting…that's the game right there. We missed 12 and they only missed 6, and we lose a 5-point game. If we make 7 of those, then we win by 2 and still miss 5."

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