The POST: CMU Post-Game Quotes

Here's what the Marshall coaches and players had to say after the Herd's 82-57 win over Central Michigan on February 26, 2002. For Club members only!

Marshall coach Greg White:
"I thought we played hard, and it was a great team win. I think tonight you can see what a difference Ardo Armpalu really makes. He's a big kid. He's just kind of a free-wheeling 6'10, 265-pound center. VanHoose got 11 minutes of rest. They were able to play some together, and that's a real big tower in there. I think Ardo Armpalu was key to tonight's game."
"I thought we played pretty tight, early. We won very decisively, and defeated their will. I thought we got out, and when we got rolling, we exploded and opened the thing up quickly. That's a challenge, especially when you're struggling with your confidence. You've got to get your confidence back."
"Tamar did a good job on him (CMU's David Webber)."
"If you can make them miss shots and get in transition…we made some subtle changes, and that made a difference. They were having fun, and that makes a difference. We've been in so many games where one mistake can cost you the game or win you the game. We've had six games we've lost by five or less points."

Marshall guard/forward Tamar Slay:
"We've still got a lot to play for, we're going to keep fighting. We've got a big game Saturday at Akron, and we're going to try and get that one and go from there."
"It was fun tonight. I was out there smiling and giving guys high-fives. I hadn't had that feeling in a couple weeks. It was great just getting out there on the winning side of things."
"If it really was our last game, I'm really going to miss it. It's been great, the fans have been great."
"That's Marshall basketball, right there. A lot of people have counted us out right now, but we came out and played probably the most complete game we've played all year, tonight. This is the best time of the season to be doing that."Marshall center J.R. VanHoose:
"I told somebody the other day that I don't think I would change how this year has gone for anything. Just because we've been through so much adversity and this team has not broken up. We've stuck together. You read the paper and people are criticizing coach White, talking about how he can't coach. Well, that's not what it is. It's just some adversity. You win some, you lose some. Teams struggle. You can't put the blame on anybody. You can't say me and Slay can't play. You can't say coach White can't coach. I think we proved tonight that we can come out and play a good game of basketball. I know people are saying, "Well, it took you all long enough to do it." At the same time, I think you want your team playing its best at the end of the year. If it took going through all this adversity or us to go to Cleveland, then so be it. I don't think I'd change anything that's happened this year, just for the fact that this team knows we can stick together no matter what and just play our tails off and not listen to what other people say about us."
"If some other team was in our situation, they'd crack. But we don't crack. We stick together as a team and coaches, and that's all that matters right now."

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