The POST: Quotes From So. Charleston Practice

Read what the Marshall players and coaches said after the practice session at So. Charleston's Oakes Field, word-for-word. For Club members ONLY!

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"I came here to play. I came here to practice. But a lot of people wanted me to sign autographs. Coach Pruett told me to sign until I'm done. Just about the time I got done, everybody else was done, too. It's great for the fans, just to show that we do appreciate them."

Marshall backup quarterback Stan Hill:
"It's been a real good spring for me. Byron has been sitting out a bit, so I've been taking the reps. I'm just trying to learn and make myself better. That's something else, throwing to Darius. I don't get to throw to him much. But when I see him out there one-on-one, I've got to take advantage of that. He's an All-American wide receiver, just like Randy Moss. When you get your chance to throw deep to him, you better take it. It's fun. Byron's out right now, so I'm just filling in for him. I'm just trying to learn and see if I can run the offense. "

Marshall Coach Bob Pruett:
"We've worked very, very hard on running the football and trying to stop the run. I'm really pleased with the progress we've made, because I thought that was certainly part of the problem last year. When we had it offensively, we couldn't run it. And certainly we need to be able to stop the run better defensively."
On coach Phil Elmassian: "He does a good job. All our coaches on defense are outstanding coaches. He just fits into the mold we have down here. I don't know where all this stuff comes from. I've known him for 30 years, and he's just a great football coach."
On gauging the team's progress in spring practice: "I think we have a lot of weapons offensively, that's pretty evident. The last time we played a game we scored 64 points, and all those guys are back. It might be a little tougher on the defense to tell you how much progress they've made. But I'm pretty pleased with where we're going. If we stay healthy and eligible, we have a chance to have a big year."
On the eligibility of RB Chanston Rodgers: "Well, he's eligible. He's just not healthy. He's coming off a second major knee surgery. He's eligible to play. This is his fifth year. We used last year as a redshirt year. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that he hasn't been given clearance to go full-speed."
On practicing and the increasing presence of Marshalll in the Kanawha Valley, once a bastion of WVU: "It really shows how far our program has come. We've made great strides. Right now, we're not second to anybody."

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