Let the Winners Eat Steak (Served by the Losers)

To the victor go the spoils. And after Saturday's Green-White scrimmage at Marshall Stadium, the entire MU squad will enjoy a steak dinner on Monday. However, the winners will be served by members of the losing team.

"We're going to go out and try and win it," said MU quarterback Byron Leftwich after practice this week. "I know coach Pruett will throw something in there to help them (the second team) guys."

And Pruett has done exactly that. Saturday's Green-White game will feature the #1 teams versus the #2 teams alright. However, Leftwich's offensive unit will begin the game down by a score of 24-0. Firin' Byron must put at least 4 TDs on the board before his unit can even begin to think of enjoying that steak dinner being served by the #2s.

"We've got a good 2 offense and 2 defense," Leftwich added. "That's a lot of points (24), if you look at it. But at the same time, we don't want to serve nobody."

"We don't want to go there serving them guys steaks. We want to be getting them served to us."

And if Leftwich ever needed motivation to put 4 TDs on the board quickly, right there it is. Considering that the last time his offensive unit played at full-speed, they put 64 points on East Carolina in a heartbeat to win the GMAC Bowl last December.

"You want to win, but at the same time, you realize it is fun," Leftwich said. "We're all out here trying to get better."

The best thing about being down 24 points almost assures Leftwich of seeing more playing time on Saturday than he tought he'd get. Leftwich is little more than a month off ankle surgery that was minor. He was held out of the South Charleston practice two weeks ago, out of concern for the proper healing of his ankle. With 24 points already on the board against him, Leftwich beamed when asked what that meant, in terms of playing time.

"I hope that's what happens," Leftwich summed up. "Being down 24 points, I'll be out there the whole day, if I have to."

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