The POST: Green-White Post Game Quotes

Normally only available to Club members, we're offering up the post-game quotes from the Green-White game to everybody! Here's the post-game comments straight from Marshall players and coaches after the Green-White scrimmage on April 13, 2002:

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"I'm tickled to death. I thought that some of the areas we showed the type of improvement I wanted to show. I thought we made a big jump on our run defense. We worked hard on our punt-block and punt returns, and both those things showed up. I thought we had a variety of receivers. I was real pleased with Stan Hill coming in there at the end and getting the touchdown. Franklin and Brandon Carey ran the ball really well. I think that we've made a few strides, and I think that right now we're a better team on both sides of the ball than we were at any point last year. We've got a chance to have a really good team. We had some penalties tonight at inopportune times. When we get the ball in the red zone we don't need to kick field goals, we need to run the thing in and get touchdowns. Our two-point plays weren't real good. They wanted to work on that, and they did, but we've got some more work to do."

Wide receiver Josh Davis:
"Coach Pruett said we've got to take it to another level, because of what we did last year. That's a lot to achieve this year. Stan (Hill) has impressed everybody this spring. I believe Stan can come in and run the offense very well for us. …That was a big issue about our special teams. We worked on that the whole spring. I think that once game time comes, people will be impressed with out special teams. I know what (Denero) Marriott can do. Anybody that has a doubt about Marriott, they better watch out for him, because he is a great athlete."

Quarterback Stan Hill:
"I'm trying to get better and trying to learn, so that when Byron leaves I can get in there and get the job done. I got in there on that last play and we scored a touchdown. They seemed so much more relaxed because they know they can help you out. It's just good to get in there with the ones (first team). In the first half, I struggled a little. It just wasn't in my head. I think I picked it up a little in the second half and improved some things."

Defensive tackle Orlando Washington:
"I think everybody gave great effort this year. We don't point fingers any more. As a whole unit, we're a close-knit group. And if you're close, you should go out on the field and perform."

Quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"We wanted to come out and have fun. When we do this, we do it for the fans. It was a little more humid than we thought it was. We only had 11 guys on offense, so we had a lot of guys that were tired, running around. I still missed 2 or 3 passes I should have hit. But that's the spring. I think overall, we did okay. Our defense did a heckuva' job. Did you see those guys? Those guys are fast out there. Those guys can move around. It's going to be fun to see those guys play. Nobody's going to give it to us, we've just got to make sure we go out there and work harder. I'll be here the whole summer. I probably won't leave for a day."

Defensive back Yancey Satterwhite:
"The years have gone by real fast, and I was just having fun today. We're trying to utilize our speed this year. We're trying to commit a lot of guys to the run, and leave it up to the secondary to do the one-on-one thing. I've got Roberto (Terrell) on my wing, and we're both doing a good job. I think we've improved in the D line area. The front line and linebackers, they've improved a lot."

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