Quick Q&A With Bob Marcum, Marshall AD

Herd Insider's exclusive interview with new Marshall athletics director Bob 'Kayo' Marcum. For GoHerd.com Club members only!

What are your plans for moving to Huntington?

Bob Marcum: "Well, I'm pretty mobile. I don't have a family in Amherst and so forth, so I can move pretty rapidly. With the early retirement program at UMass, I have to be out of there by June 15. I think they will appoint an interim AD at UMass, that's one of my staff people. I'll just wait and see how that takes over. There's no sense in two people walking over the same real estate."

How do you define 'interim', as it regards the position at Marshall?

Bob Marcum: "Interim? I don't know. I think that maybe it's I'm here, and they're taking a look at me, and I'll take a look at them. And there's no long-range commitment. That way, if they decide after a year's time that they'd like to move in another direction, that's fine with me."

What are you going to immediately focus on, to improve the athletics department?

Bob Marcum: "I think you really have to go in and get an assessment of what's going on. I don't know the coaches that well, I don't know their programs. I do know this: You have to be careful with all athletics programs, that you don't have unlimited expectations with limited resources. That places people in an awkward position. I always like to try and establish a competitive level for each sport. Not everyone can be in the top 20, not everyone can be in the top 50. But, you have to decide your competitive level. Then, if you have the resources to compete at that level, you should expect some results."

What are some of the building blocks you bring from UMass that can help here?

Bob Marcum: "One of the real secrets to builiding a great athletic department is your support services. They never get enough credit. Media relations, they never get enough credit. Sports medicine, never enough credit. Academic enhancement. Strength and conditioning. Diet and nutrition. We really went after the support programs (at UMass) very, very hard and made sure that our support programs gave all our coaches a chance to win. And, they won."

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