Legursky First Round Pick In G-W Draft

Coach Mark Snyder welcomed all to the first annual Green-White Game Draft on Wednesday at the Shewey Athletic Center at Marshall. Seniors and coaches were divided into two camps and Jimmy Skinner won the coin flip, giving the White team the first selection. Marshall center Doug Legursky taken with the first selection of the day by Skinner for the White team.

The green team responded with its first pick, and the second selection of the day, by choosing sophomore defensive end Albert McClellan, giving the Green both starting defensive ends this spring, with Shavar Greer assigned as one of the seniors on the Green team. "Legursky was the number one pick of both teams and the key to offensive play," said Skinner after the draft. Green coach Larry Kueck confirmed Legursky would have also been the Green team's number one, due to the relative inexperience of Moresea, a 6-1, 240 pound walk-on from Ravenswood, W.Va.

Later in the draft, however, the white failed to add offensive tackle Daniel Baldridge to its roster, leaving the Green with seniors Seth Cook, Wesley Jones and Baldridge. That means the Green will only have one offensive tackle, senior Chris Barnes, at their disposal on Saturday. "We took Bernie (Bernard Morris) at quarterback, figuring the Green would deal for an offensive lineman," said Skinner, "But they didn't want to trade. I think the commissioner (Snyder) may have to re-visit this issue." Offensive line coach Mike Cummings, assigned to the White team, laid the problem at the door of the sports medicine personel. "If David Ziegler can play, we'll have done a good job with the draft," said Cummings of his junior guard who returned Tuesday to practice for the first time in a non-contact role. "Josh Signs must do a good job of getting David ready, this is all on Josh Signs. If David can't play, its all on Signs."

The White took Morris, slightly breaking the protocol of picking from the same position after the Green took McClellan. The Green team's next pick was for red-shirt freshman John Jacobs, followed by the White taking Ryland Wilson. The White then chose E.J. Rascoe at defensive end, sending Bilal El-Amin to the Green. Green then took Shawn Lauzon, while the White added Robert Surratt. The entire draft took about one-half hour and the final selection of the day, known in the NFL Draft as "Mr. Irrelevant," was red-shirt freshman linebacker Mahala Wiggins, a walk-on from Long Island City, N.Y. Another surprise was Ahmad Bradshaw was taken very late by the Green team, who had senior Paco Jones already on board, and after the White team took Chubb Small.

"This is a fun deal for the players and coaches," said Snyder following the draft. "We expect to do this every spring and, like it did at Ohio State, to become a bigger and bigger event." Honorary head coaches Chad Pennington and Randy Moss will meet with their respective teams later this week, while the entire 1996 squad will be broken down Thursday night into Green and White membership. The draft was run somewhat like the NFL Draft, with a coin flip by Director of Football Operations, Mark Gale, and two minutes of time to choose each player.

Green Team
Coaches/ Staff: Sean Cronin, John Kelly, Larry Kueck, Shane Miles, Shannon Morrison, Paul Nichols, Shaun Sarratt, Jared Smith and Scott Wilks.
Senior Players: 73-Seth Cook-OT, 47-Matt Couch-WLB, 5-Derek Devine-QB, 27-Jeremy Frazie-CB, 91-Shavar Greer-DE, 19-Uranius Johnson-WR, 34-Paco Jones-RB, 78-Wesley Jones-OT, 89-Matt Morris-WR (out), 49-Ian O'Connor-K/P and 99-Juan Underwood (out).
Other Players: 31-Marty Biagi-P, 21-Ian Hoskins-SLB, 67-Peter Graziani-SLB, 59-Travis Noel-MLB, 94-Byron Tinker-DL, 90-Blake Merritt-DL, 96-Albert McClellan-DE, 92-Bilal El-Amin-DE, 37-Chuck Robert-CB, 15-Terick Thomas-CB, 4-C.J. Spillman-S, 18-Jon Moravec-S, 85-Cody Slate-TE, 86-Joe Bragg-TE, 10-Wesley Beardain-QB, 44-Ahmad Bradshaw-RB, 8-Kyle Echols-RB, 48-Will Albin-FB, 23-Antoine Cabarrus-FB, 76-Marcus Moresea-C, 77-Zane Bruhin-OG, 70-James Burkes-OG, 63-John Inman-OG (out), 79-Daniel Baldridge-OT, 17-Jermaine Filer-WR, 82-Antonio Leath-WR, 81-Bryan Jones-WR (questionable), 6-Shawn Lauzon-WR and 88-Malcolm Ames-WR.

White Team
Coaches/Staff: Mike Cochran, Jim Collins, Mike Cummings, Todd Goebbel, Curtis Head, Jim Pittman, Josh Signs and Thielen Smith.
Senior Players: 64-Chris Barnes-OT, 9-Ivan Clark-CB, 84-Adrian Davis-DL, 51-Jason Kaminski-DE, 25-Curtis Keyes-S, 7-Hiram Moore-WR (out), 92-Mike Nolan-TE, 16-Jimmy Skinner-QB, 55-Brandon Souder-MLB, 95-Chris Terrell-DL (out) and 30-Dennis Thorton-WLB.
Other Players: 41-Anthony Binswanger-K, 33-David DeFatta-K/P, 45-Maurice Kitchen-SLB, 60-Daniel Wells-MLB, 58-Jeff Bush-DL, 98-E.J. Rascoe-DL, 8-J.J. Johnson-CB, 11-Zearrick Mathews-CB, 12-Curtis Overson-CB, 19-John Saunders-S, 2-Geremy Rodamer-S, 29-Phillip Gamble-S, 83-Matt Parkhurst-TE, 13-Brian Shope-TE (questionable), 14-Bernie Morris-QB, 3-Zach Barnard-QB (out), 28-Chubb Small-RB, 32-Gerwin Williams-RB, 40-Cody Tominack-FB, 66-Doug Legursky-C, 65-Brian Leggett-OG, 62-Matt Altobello-OG, 74-David Ziegler-OG (questionable), 24-Emanuel Spann-WR, 20-Darryl Jones-WR, Chris Roach-WR, 1-Marcus Fitzgerald (out), 15-Robert Surratt-WR and 11-E.J. Wynn-WR.

Equipment manager Rich Worner has declared himself "Switzerland," or completely neutral for the game. Student-managers and student-trainers will be split up later today. The Green-White Game will kickoff at 4 p.m. Saturday, and can also be heard on WRVC 930 AM in Huntington, with Luke Beach, Steve Cotton, Rocky Smith and Woody Woodrum handling the action, including a tailgate show at 3 p.m. in the West Parking Lot of the Joan C. Edwards Stadium. Parking on the lot is $10 each vehicle, first-come, first-served. Tickets to the game are $5 each.

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