Shootout Full Of Star Players, Tourney Teams

The Carrs/Safeway Great Alaska Shootout is a great chance for Marshall to get three games for the price of one. As an exempt tournament, the Thanksgiving tournament not only gives the Herd a chance to visit America's 49th state, it gives MU coaches three early season games that count as just one of 28 games the NCAA allows Division I teams to schedule. It is also a tournament that has sent many of its teams to post-season play and many tournament Most Outstanding Players to the NBA.

In the last two seasons, five of the eight participants in the Great Alaska Shootout have advanced to the NCAA Tournament. That total does not included South Carolina, who has won the NIT in back-to-back years. Some of the Most Outstanding Players of the Shootout are playing now in the National Basketball Association: 1993 Glen Robinson of Purdue (defending NBA champions San Antonio Spurs); 1995 Ray Allen of UConn (Seattle Sonics); 1996 Ron Mercer of Kentucky (New Jersey Nets); 1997 Antawn Jamison of North Carolina (Washington Wizards); 2001 Dwayne Wade of Marquette (Miami Heat); and 2004 Nate Robinson of Washington (New York Knicks).

Great Alaska Shootout Men's All-Time Champions, listed By Year/Winner/Runners-Up/Most Outstanding Players (School):
1978/ North Carolina State/ Louisville/ Clyde Austin (North Carolina State)
1979/ Kentucky/ Iona/ Jeff Ruland (Iona)
1980/ North Carolina/ Arkansas/ Scott Hastings (Arkansas)
1981/ SW Louisiana/ Marquette/ Steve Burtt (Iona)
1982/ Louisville/ Vanderbilt/ Lancaster Gordon (Louisville)
1983/ North Carolina State/ Arkansas/ Joe Kleine (Arkansas)
1984/ UAB/ Kansas/ Steve Mitchell (Alabama-Birmingham)
1985/ North Carolina/ UNLV/ Brad Daugherty (North Carolina)
1986/ Iowa/ Northeastern/ Roy Marble (Iowa)
1987/ Arizona/ Syracuse/ Sean Elliott (Arizona)
1988/ Seton Hall/ Kansas/ Chris Mills (Kentucky)
1989/ Michigan State/ Kansas State/ Steve Smith (Michigan State)
1990/ UCLA/ Virginia/ Don MacLean (UCLA)
1991/ Massachusetts/ New Orleans/ Jim McCoy (Massachusetts)
1992/ New Mexico State/ Illinois/ Sam Crawford (New Mexico State)
1993/ Purdue/ Portland/ Glenn Robinson (Purdue)
1994/ Minnesota/ Brigham Young/ Townsend Orr (Minnesota)
1995/ Duke/ Iowa/ Ray Allen (Connecticut)
1996/ Kentucky/ College of Charleston/ Ron Mercer (Kentucky)
1997/ North Carolina/ Purdue/ Antawn Jamison (North Carolina)
1998/ Cincinnati/ Duke/ William Avery (Duke)
1999/ Kansas/ Georgia Tech/ Drew Gooden (Kansas)
2000/ Syracuse/ Missouri/ Preston Shumpert (Syracuse)
2001/ Marquette/ Gonzaga/ Dwyane Wade (Marquette)
2002/ College of Charleston/ Villanova/ Troy Wheless (College of Charleston)
2003/ Purdue/ Duke/ Kenneth Lowe (Purdue)
2004/ Washington/ Alabama/ Nate Robinson (Washington)
2005/ Marquette/ South Carolina/ Steve Novak (Marquette).

Shootout Teams that qualified the same season for NCAA Tournaments (UAA-Division II)
1978-79 (3) - Lamar, Louisville, Pepperdine
1979-80 (5) - Bradley, Iona, Lamar, Kentucky, Texas A&M
1980-81 (5) - Arkansas, Georgetown, Louisiana State, Missouri, North Carolina
1981-82 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, Georgetown, Marquette, Ohio State, Southwestern Louisiana
1982-83 (2) - Illinois, Louisville
1983-84 (2) - Arkansas, Oklahoma
1984-85 (4) - UAB, Illinois, Kansas, Maryland
1985-86 (7) - Alaska Anchorage, Arizona, Missouri, North Carolina, Purdue, UNLV, Villanova
1986-87 (4) - Alaska Anchorage, Iowa, North Carolina State, Northeastern
1987-88 (4) - Alaska Anchorage, Arizona, Michigan, Syracuse
1988-89 (2) - Florida, Seton Hall
1989-90 (4) - Alaska Anchorage, Connecticut, Kansas State, Michigan State
1990-91 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, Siena, South Carolina, UCLA, Virginia
1991-92 (1) - Massachusetts
1992-93 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, New Mexico State, Chattanooga, Vanderbilt, Illinois
1993-94 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, Hawaii, Purdue, Wake Forest, Wisconsin-Green Bay
1994-95 (6) - Oklahoma State, Brigham Young, Minnesota, Villanova, Louisville, Arizona
1995-96 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, Iowa, Duke, Indiana, Connecticut
1996-97 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, College of Charleston, Kentucky, Stanford, Syracuse
1997-98 (4) - Massachusetts, Purdue, North Carolina, UCLA
1998-99 (2) - Cincinnati, Duke
1999-00 (2) - Kansas, Louisville
2000-01 (3) - Missouri, Ohio State, Syracuse
2001-02 (5) - Gonzaga, Indiana, Marquette, St. John's, Texas
2002-03 (2) - Michigan State, Oklahoma State 2003-04 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, Duke, Liberty, Pacific, Seton Hall
2004-05 (5) - Alabama, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Utah, Washington
2005-06 (5) - Alaska Anchorage, Marquette, Monmouth, Oral Roberts, Southern Illinois

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