Ten Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #10

Herd Insider's countdown to the start of Marshall Football summer practice begins with this, our #10 Thing We'd Like To See in 2002. Look for a new story every day here at www.GoHerd.com up until August 5, when freshmen report for practice...

The #10 Thing We'd Like To See in 2002:
With all the fire and brimstone emanating from Orlando, Florida lately, our first Thing We'd Like To See in 2002 should naturally involve the newest member of the Mid-American Conference, the University of Central Florida Golden Knights.

We'd Like To See UCF's inaugural visit to Huntington turn into a heated rivalry, starting with Game #1 at Marshall Stadium on September 20. And, we don't mean just a 'we're better than you' mentality. Rather, bring out all the stops. Marshall Stadium should be packed for this game. The crowd should be its (normally) loud self. Remember the MAC Championship game in '99? That loud. For four quarters.

You get the point.

UCF is a great addition to the MAC, but lately we're getting the feeling that the UCF folks think it will be a cakewalk through the East division en route to the MAC Championship game in 2002. September 20th should be the day that reality sets in for the UCF camp that the MAC is for real. What a better place to discover that than Huntington, West-by-God.

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