Ten Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #9

Herd Insider's countdown to the start of Marshall Football summer practice continues with the #9 Thing We'd Like To See in 2002. Look for a new story every day here at www.GoHerd.com up until August 5, when freshmen report for practice. Here is the #9 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002...

The #9 Thing We'd Like To See in 2002:
Can the three-headed running back finally make an appearance for Marshall this 2002 season? It was a promising prospect in '01,but nagging injuries to Butchie Wallace and Brandon Carey kept the Running Back Department somewhat spotty, in terms of performance. Chanston Rodgers' season-ending knee injury didn't help things, either. Thank God for Trod Buggs...

We'd Like To See Butchie and Brandon make it through the season unscathed, and have another running back to take the heat off those two, as situations permit. Combine their experience with incoming backs Tank Tunstalle and Darrell Shepard, and Marshall has one back to spare, really.

Can Butchie, Brandon, and Tank be the three-headed RB package? Add Darrell Shepard into the mix, and it gets interesting.

Wallace and Carey can be the 'main' running backs, with either Tunstalle or Shepard up front clearing the way. Having a blocking back will probably help cut down on the nagging types of injuries the duo suffered in '01, too. Tunstalle and Shepard can be the stars in other situations, based on their specific running styles/abilities.

Yes, Byron Leftwich is the Marshall offense,and he needs to throw for 400+ yards every chance he gets. However, the unrealized potential of the Three-Headed running back in '01 has left us salivating for the prospect of the added dimension it would give Marshall's offense.

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