Herd Preps For Scrimmage With Crisp Friday AM

On the second of five "two-a-day" practices for August camp, the Herd had a crisp workout in preparing for Saturday's "Jersey Scrimmage." The "O" and "D" units will battle for the right to wear green jerseys next week, while individuals try to move themselves up the depth chart with a good showing. Friday, Mark Snyder told the team to rest legs this afternoon, and practice will be light at 5 p.m.

"After lunch, get off your feet," Snyder told the team after practice. He also told them the last series was a little taste of what to expect Saturday. The Herd will go out in helmets, jerseys and shorts this afternoon and do more mental work to prep for this important scrimmage on Saturday. "It was our first time going down to the goal line and we got some work there," said Snyder. "We will scrimmage down there some on Saturday." Snyder said the depth chart could be set after the scrimmage, based on how certain players perform.

Sndyer has moved many players around, some due to injury and some to get a look at them with the first team. On Friday morning, the offensive line was in the former category, as Doug Legursky was walking very gingerly on a turned ankle, while guard David Ziegler continues to miss time with a shoulder and tackle Wesley Jones is still not in scrimmages, wearing a gold jersey from injuries in last month's car accident. The first team offensive line for team included, from left to right, Seth Cook, Zane Bruhin, Brian Leggett, John Inman and Chris Barnes. That group was fairly effective in team, however, springing Ahmad Bradshaw for two touchdowns in goal line and freshman Kelvin Turner for one score.

Turner continues to impress, breaking off a 26-yard gain in the final series between the first team units from the 50-yard line. However, the sophomore only got one yard on a third and two and the offense settled for a 32-yard Anthony Binswanger field goal to end the practice. "We're going to continue to move people," said Snyder of the personnel moves. "That's who we are. I don't want to be in game week and have to put a guy in there for the first time, you want to have some recall. That's my philosophy." It was born out with the injuries on the offensive line and the first units success on the goal line. "That could very well happen in the course of a game. You see how they compete, it could win or lose the game."

Snyder is cautiously optimistic about Turner, who sat out last season as a Prop 48, but rushed for over 7,100 yards and a Kentucky state record 116 touchdowns in high school. "He's got a long way to go, but he does have some talent. Right there, it was third and two. You have got to get two. That's the learning process and that's why he's in there with the ones. Don't dance, don't shiver, they will (block) to get you the two."

Snyder also singled out some other players working with the ones today. "We are going to continue to move players. We gave (quarterback) Derek (Devine) some reps with ones today because he's had a pretty good camp, he's earned that. (Linebackers) Josh Johnson and Brandon Souder are going back and forth with ones, and Johnson took a lot with ones today. (Defensive end) Ryland Wilson had a good day with the ones."

He also singled out tight end Brian Shope as having a great camp, saying he is a player, along with Legursky, who brings toughness to the offensive line. The coaches are impressed with his return from injuries that kept him out last spring and hope he can remain healthy. Cody Slate gives the Herd speed at tight end and Slate is working on blocking and Shope on running and receiving. He is also impressed with Marcus Fitzgerald and Matt Morris at wide receiver. "They have had good camps, I've been pleased with those guys," said Snyder, "and don't forget Emanuel Spann. He brings something to our offense."

NOTES: Curtis Keyes had one of his specialties, a de-cleating hit on Fitzgerald as he went over the middle on a crossing route...In goal line, E.J. Rascoe, Chris Terrell, Byron Tinker, Juan Underwood, Ryland Wilson and Albert McCellan are making up the goal line defensive front. Rascoe forced a fumble from Paco Jones, Terrell had two tackles, as did Underwood and Wilson and Tinker recovered a fumble. In team, starting end McCellan and backup end John Jacobs had sacks and Dennis Thornton had an interception and 15-yard return of Bernard Morris, when the QB and receiver Hiram Moore appeared to get signals crossed on a route. Nate Robinson forced a fumble, recovered by John Saunders...all was not grim for the offense, however. Bradshaw scored twice, Turner once and Morris hit Shope for a score in goal line. In team, Bradshaw and Turner continued to run the ball well and Morris hit Bradshaw for a short gain and Fitzgerald for a 15-yard gain. Devine connected with Matt Morris for a seven yard, first down gain and found tight end Cody Slate for a 20-plus yard gain, while Skinner hooked up for first down gains with third team receivers Darryl Jones and Bryant Milligan...Saturday's scrimmage and all practice next week are closed to the public, until Saturday, August 19. The final Choose-A-Seat Day starts at 9 a.m. that morning, the players will do "The Walk" at 10 a.m. from the Henderson Center and hit the field between 11-11:30 a.m. for a scrimmage...Football Fest at Pullman Square, on Friday, August 18 at 6 p.m., is sponsored by Kindred Communications and will feature local high school teams and coaches, the Huntington Heroes football team and Marshall's football staff. There will be food, drink and other vendors for the event.

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