Ten Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #8

Continuing the series leading up to the start of Marshall football 2002, here's Herd Insider's #8 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002...

Considering that Marshall (and Huntington-Charleston in general) sit in an area with close to 300,000 population within a 40-mile radius, this one isn't asking too much. It is also the one thing that is most likely to happen on its own.
We'd Like to See: A full-pop sellout of Marshall Stadium's 38,000+ capacity at least once this year. Which opponents will make this happen? In our eyes, both Central Florida and Miami of Ohio games stand the best chances of making for a raucous capacity crowd at Third Ave. and 20th St. this season.

Central Florida being the new guy on the MAC block will most likely make for a capacity crowd merely out of novelty and newness. Everybody will want to see the talented new guy. This game will be one of the better MAC games this season, in our opinion, with two very talented teams squaring off.
Miami of Ohio is almost always a guaranteed sellout (or very close) based on the heated rivalry between The Herd and the RedHawks that has become a traditionally heated contest both on the field and in the stands. Marshall fans still remember Miami running up the score in the early '70s on Marshall, and that alone brings out a crowd.

Some creative ticket marketing would go a long way towards guaranteeing a sellout or two in this upcoming season.

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