Ten Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #7

In our countdown to Marshall Football 2002 beginning next week with summer practice, here's HI's #7 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002...

Unlike the first three installments in this series, our #7 Thing will actually begin in 7 days.

We'd Like to See: The heir apparent to Byron Leftwich to emerge during summer practices. Let's face it: Marshall needs the de facto successor to Leftwich to be known before the season starts so that development can begin as the season progresses.

Marshall coach Bob Pruett will be watching the guys in the red jerseys (QBs) carefully during summer drills.

As Marshall fans ourselves, we have to admit that this uncertainty is probably unfounded. For the last 10 years, Marshall has had a fine succession of quarterbacks that most any program would be more than happy with. From Michael Payton to Leftwich, nary a one of them has been anything less than stellar.

Stan Hill has outlasted many others up until now, and the slinger from Mississippi made great strides in spring practices. But Hill will be feeling the heat from newcomers Graham Gochneaur, Adam Black, and Jimmy Skinner starting next week.

Until one of those three steps up in summer practices, Hill is the man for now. It should be THE area to watch during summer practice none the less, as the future of the team depends on it.

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