10 Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #5

In our countdown to the beginning of Marshall Football 2002, here's HI's #5 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002...

We'd Like to See:
A Marshall WR take a stab at some of Randy Moss' NCAA records in 2002. Sure, #88 was the greatest to play the spot at Marshall, but there's three guys (Darius Watts, Denero Marriott, and Josh Davis) who we think stand the best chances of equalling Moss' stellar numbers.

It won't be easy.

Here are the numbers laid down by Moss in 1997:
*Most TD receptions in a season: 25
*Most games catching a TD pass, season: 12
*Most consecutive games w/TD reception, career: 12
*Most TD passes, same passer and receiver, season: 24 (Pennington-to-Moss)

Darius Watts, Josh Davis, and Denero Marriott

As we stated earlier, it won't be easy. However, if there's ever been a trio of receivers who stand a shot at breaking the Great 88's records, Watts, Marriott, and Davis are it in 2002.

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