10 Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #3

Seven down, three to go. Here's HI's #3 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002. Actually, this one is something you have to hear, not see.

We'd Like to See: Actually, we'd like to hear something on the internet. Marshall game broadcasts. Yes, you can hear them by linking up from Marshall's website www.HerdZone.com on most occasions. However, internet surfers are only getting the actual play calls that way.

What about the coaches call-in show? Or the pre-game 2 hours of radio? Not on the internet.

The reasons why all these additional shows aren't on the 'net has to do with a tiff between the unions and radio stations over advertising issues. At least that's how we understood it when it was explained to us. Need more detail? We don't know any more than that.

Some bigger programs have resorted to making the game broadcasts/coaches show/pre-game available by subscription only over the internet. Pay to hear, basically. Some even throw in a year's subscription to the weekly fanzine (like Herd Insider), and we really like that idea.

Can it happen for Herd fans one day? Just imagine a one-stop shop where out-of-town fans could listen in to not only the games, but also to the coaches show, weekly call-in show, and the pre/post game shows. All in exchange for a reasonable subscription fee (other schools charge in the neighborhood of $70/year).

As Marshall continues to slowly grown into a mid-major power and beyond, we can't help but think an internet radio one-stop-shop can't be too far down the road.

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