10 Things We'd Like to See in 2002: #2

Only 2 left in HI's countdown to the beginning of Marshall Football 2002! Here's HI's #2 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002...

We'd Like to See:
What tailgating will be like in the new multi-level garage on Third Avenue on Herd football game days.

As you may or may not know, there is a new multi-level parking garage on Third Avenue across the street from the Henderson Center now. While it is the solution to Marshall's campus parking woes, we're curious as to what this will do to tailgating on game days, now.

Prior to the garage's construction, the Henderson Center Lot (as it was then-called) was one of the better tailgating lots on football game days, in our opinion. We've walked through that lot as late as two hours after the end of the game, and still found a few parties going on in wild fashion. We'll miss that.

What will the new garage bring? Will it be an upper-scale area for those who wish to pay for covered tailgating space on game days? Or will the rowdier crowd it displaced call the new garage home again in 2002?

One thing's for sure: It will be fun to see what having a roof over one's head will do/not do to the fine art of Marshall tailgating.

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