The #1 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002

Welcome to Day One of Marshall Football, 2002. Freshmen report for practice today, and the saga begins. Here's HI's #1 Thing We'd Like to See in 2002. Will it happen? Only time and Byron's right arm will tell...

We'd Like to See:
All else being perfect in this 2002 Marshall football campaign, we'd like to see Marshall finally break the #10 glass ceiling that exists in the AP and ESPN/USAToday Coaches polls.

Sure, this is asking a lot from any football team in America. Any fan of any program, big or small, will agree with that.

The 1999 Marshall team finished the season knocking on the door of the exclusive Top 10 club, but got no further. Arguably the most talented Herd team ever (yes, we're ducking as we say that), the 1999 squad hit the ceiling that exists for any mid-major that isn't part of the BCS boys' club (see 1998 Tulane for reference).

With Heisman candidate Byron Leftwich in the media spotlight front and center, Marshall stands as good a chance in 2002 of cracking the top 10 as the 1999 team did, in our opinion. But in order for that to have any merit, the Herd will have to win at Virginia Tech in early September. A monumental task for sure, but not an impossible one by any means. Win that game, and the single digit ranking possibility gets much easier.

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