Former WVU QB Is One Of Four D1 Transfers

Former WVU quarterback Derek Jones is one of four Division 1 players transferring to Marshall, it appears. The four players appeared on an updated Marshall team roster at today's annual Media Day activities.

Marshall's annual media day went off without a hitch, right up to the point where somebody noticed four additions to the Marshall rosters that were being handed out. There, at the bottom were four Division 1 transfers:

Derek Jones, a 6-4, 190 pound quarterback who is transferring from WVU;
James Johnson, a 6-2, 225 pound running back who has transferred from the University of Pittsburgh. A big, strong running back who has the ability to bust it up between the tackles and the speed to break it to the outside successfully. His numbers include 1,276 rushing yards and 24 touchdowns as a senior at H.D. Woodson in Washington, DC. A qualifier, James goes out on the field each day and gives it his best shot. He was high on Virginia Tech's list as well.
Adam Lee, a 6-1, 220 pound sophomore linebacker, who is transferring from Northwestern. Lee is a WV native, from Gilbert.
Tyler Norman, a 6-2, 190 pound sophomore linebacker, is transferring from Western Carolina.

All four transfers must sit out the mandatory one year, per NCAA rules. While no details on each player were given at media day, the players are expected to report by the last week of August. The addition of these four players brings Marshall's class of freshmen and transfers to 38 in number.

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