The POST: VT-MU Post Game Quotes

Here's the post game quotes from Marshall QB Byron Leftwich and coach Bob Pruett after Virginia Tech's 47-21 win over the Herd on September 12, 2002. For Club members only.

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"We just didn't make enough big plays. We had those guys kinda' on their heels in the first quarter. That wasn't us out there today in the first half. Normally we make those plays, but we didn't. We gave up two quick touchdowns but a offense, we put our defense in a bad situation. We knew those guys were going to try and run the ball every time they got it, so we knew we had to score some points and try to make them pass the ball.
"You watch those two guys (Jones and Suggs), they don't talk about those guys like that for nothing. Those guys are doing a hell of a job. We knew they were great players before we got here. They did their job today, give those guys credit. They beat us. They beat us royally.
"We as a team just didn't make the big play that we're so used to making in the first half. We just had some penalties here, it was always something. That hurt us. That put us in third-and-long, and now they can tee off. We stayed in too many third-and-long situations, and that really hurt us.
"We competed with a top 10 team. We saw how we played a top 10 team. We did some good things, but we also did some bad things. Hopefully, we can cut back the bad things."

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"We don't have any excuses, we got beat by a very good football team. I thought we competed at times very well. We didn't do much on offense in the third quarter. We were able to move the ball at times, but we've got to make plays. We got banged up pretty good, and some of our young kids got in the game. We will learn something from it. We've got a tough ballgame next week. Our defense played well early, played better versus the run than we did at times last year, but they just got worn out."

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