The POST: Marshall-UCF Post Game Quotes

Here's what Marshall coaches and players had to say after the Herd's 26-21 win over UCF on September 20, 2002. For Club members only.

Marshall running back Brandon Carey:
"Any time you run the ball pretty good, all the running backs, as a unit, feel good. Butchie went out and I just had to step in and play hard for him and the corps.
When we picked up the blitz, that opens up everything. I just stepped up and played hard."

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"That's why you go out and play as a team. It's called a team. We didn't play that well as an offense. What it is, is teams are doing a lot of different stuff against us. We did a great job of running the ball, but the defense saved my ass today. Seeing those guys do that, it helps to understand that this is a team, and I don't have to go out there and play perfect for us to win.
"It's hard to play in third-and-long. And every time we didn't score or move the ball, it was because of those types of situations.
We got ourselves in those situations, too many first-and-longs, too many third-and-longs, and you've got to stay out of those to play anybody, beat anybody. I'm just glad to come out with a victory.
We kind of got our swagger back tonight. Me personally, I just can't throw interceptions. I think this might be the worst game I've ever played, to be honest with you. But, I won. That's the thing I can tell everybody. I won."

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"I think, at the very least, they [Marshall defense] got some confidence back. They played well against Appalachian, I thought they played well tonight.
We're getting better, and we'll continue to get better. Brandon [Carey] came in and had to play a lot of snaps, and did a really great job. The best thing he did, the smartest thing he did, on the play where he broke out at the end of the game, he fell down inbounds. That won the game.
You've got to give Central Florida credit. They played extremely well in the red zone. When we got down inside the 10 yard line, we got two field goals and no points. That turns into a big difference at the end of the game. Certainly we've got to do something about the dropped balls. You know, it's hard to win any football game. The good thing about it is...they dropped some, too. I felt like our defense came around today. I felt like after our first game that we were a lot better defensively than we were last year. I think we played a very good offensive football team, and we were able to play well on defense."

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