Quotes And Statistics From Saturday Scrimmage

Marshall had its first full scrimmage of the 2007 season on Saturday, August 11. Here, in their own words, are the reactions of coaches and players about today's workout, followed by complete statistics for the workout.

Marshall Head Coach Mark Snyder of today's scrimmage:"I thought it was crisp. I saw some good hitting, I saw some good things and some bad things," said Snyder of Saturday's workout, "about what you would expect. We've still got lots of work to do. Today, we got a lot of plays in and I was fairly pleased." Although the coach would prefer to look at video of today's scrimmage before praising many players, some did jump out at the third-year head man for Marshall, including a true freshman running back. "Darius Marshall would be one off the top of my head…he just keeps coming on and coming on. Maurice Kitchens showed up for me today, he really showed up. Mike Janac did a couple of good things today. Passmore had a good day, Cody had a good day, he dropped a ball that he should not have dropped and Darius (Passmore) dropped a ball he should not have dropped. Bernie threw one he shouldn't have thrown. I thought the corners did a good job today, but a little disappointed with the safeties. And too many penalties,m they will kill us. We ran the ball well today, and when we get someone down and tired, we have to drive it home and that will be the emphasis on Monday."

Snyder on QBs: "Anderson, he is pushing Bernie. We are giving them equal reps and Brian is doing OK and Bernie is doing OK, but both of them still have to get better." Snyder thought all the quarterbacks did some good things and some bad things. "The good thing about those freshmen is they got to get out there without the coaches out there, that was pretty neat to see, to see them get through all the mechanics."

Junior middle linebacker Josh Johnson: "We had to take it up a notch, we have a few players hurt right now. The main things we focused on today was tackling and reading our keys right. I wasn't very pleased with the tackling (for the first live scrimmage), it was just alright. I flew around today, but I was not pleased with where I was today. It's nowhere near where I want to be for the first game. Even before Albert went down, we were challenging ourselves as a defense to take it up a notch, and now we have to show we are not a one-man team. Mike Janac and John Jacobs have to step up." On linebackers: "We have got 13 linebackers right now, so we are three-deep. They are all wanting to start and play." On Darius Marshall: "He is pretty good. When I was at Georgia Military College, I got to see him play at Baldwin High School a few times, he's a great back. He broke some tackles today, including breaking one of mine for about 15-16 yards, so I was not pleased with my tackling on that play, either, but he is a pretty good back."

Junior wide receiver Darius Passmore: "I think we did a good job of executing our plays on offense. I think we had a good scrimmage, but on a couple of plays I lost focus and when you lose focus, you cannot dwell on it but come back and get better. I'm not where I supposed to be." On the interception through his hands: "Like Coach Goebbel said, it was a technique play and I should come down with that catch." On receiver depth: "The passing game is developing well. We've got a rhythm, but we have to work everyday to make it perfect."

Red-shirt freshman defensive end Michael Janac: "Albert is like a big brother to me, so when that happened it really hit me, but I've got to step my game up. We have Vinny (Curry), DeMetrius (Thompson) and Johnny (Jones)…Johnny, he is going to be a real good player. Just like me, it will take them awhile to learn, but they have now got to learn faster to help us this year. I just trying to fall in with the rest of the defense, so I'm listening to Jake (John Jacobs) and Ryland (Wilson) and Tink (Byron Tinker) so I'll know what to do." On the MU offensive tackles: "With (Daniel)Baldridge, he is like 6-8, he is a big man, you have got to work real hard, keep running and not give up. John Inman, he would probably play quarterback if they asked him to. He is real talented, he can play anywhere on the offensive line. It is hard everytime to go against John." On his pass break up today: "Coach Snyder wanted me to catch that pass I broke up (from Morris to Slate), but I am just trying to do my best." On opening at Miami: "A real, real good team. When we get on the field, the best team will win, so we have to go real, real hard. They were my favorite team growing up, my hometown team, but now they are the enemy."

Junior linebacker Maurice Kitchens: "Trust me, feeling pretty good (about Coach Snyder's praise) is not the right word but for now it will have to do, I just can't fill in those blanks, but it makes you feel pretty good. Every practice leads up to something else, like Friday did to today. On Monday, we have to get back in the grind of two-a-days, so every practice is important, whether scrimmage or in shorts. Individually, I had some chances where I could have made a bigger impact. But as a team, we jelled pretty good and I think we will be straight for this upcoming year." On the MU offense: "They have a lot of explosive players. Man, they have a lot of speed, a lot of speed, at times I can't believe it, it's hard covering them but coach pushes us." On his increased size and strength: "Coach Mike Cochran does a great job, a great job, and a little bit of my own determination, I was able to put on a few pounds. I am trying to stay under 240 pounds, and that's all I'm going to say."

Frosh running back Darius Marshall: "Anytime you can contribute to the team in a positive way, I think that is good. The O-line did a wonderful job, they really opened the holes with three starters down, but the replacements came in and did a great job blocking. They worked hard in the weight room, Coach Cummings works them hard in the film room and now they are getting the job done. We'll progress, not regress, hopefully I look up to the older guys, Kevin and Chubb. They help me on the field at practice, on cuts and how the holes will open, plus off the field. Learning pass protection, that is the hardest part. The running comes naturally, the linemen will get the job done up there, and its how you read and how you run. Picking up the blitz, and running routes, you have to learn that because it is a major part of the game. The main thing for me is protecting the quarterback, because the running will come naturally." On being at MU: "Coming out of high school, people were saying, ‘I'm too little, I don't have the mental toughness, I didn't have this and that. Now, I'm here where I want to be, on the stage I want to be and now it's time for me to show up. I hope to do that, contribute to my team in a positive way and keep progressing, we'll prove to the world we are a unit."

Senior quarterback Bernard Morris: "It's hot, but day went pretty good. We had one turnover (on the ones), and almost another with me, but it went pretty good. We've got a lot of guys on the field who know what they are doing, and a lot of young guys who are coming in and surprising people, like Darius Marshall. Once he gets the ball in his hand, he makes a cut then gets what he can get. We've got some guys down on the offensive line, but the young guys stepped up. They know the play books, what we are trying to do attacking the defense and we don't lose a step with the twos or threes in there. It's a good thing to have some young guys who got into those play books. If you are a two or a three, you are only one or two plays from coming in, and when they get a chance they came to play." On the Herd's freshman running back, Darius Marshall: "He's a special kid. No one knew him when he got here, but we started out on the minus-four (on Wednesday) and took it 96 yards, and that's what you want every back to do. I think Coach Snyder is going to give him a chance. Competition is a good thing, you want to make plays so you don't get bumped down the depth chart. Chubb (Small) came to play today, he kept the ball with him and didn't turn it over. I think he'll show up on Saturday's and if he's not the number one guy, he'll be a solid number two." On the other quarterbacks: "Brian is a smart guy. He came in and was ID'ing from the first day, we knew he had a gift. I can sit down with him and make sure he doesn't make the same mistakes I did once he is out there on Saturdays. It's good to have a guy to push you. I'm a senior, I can't make too many mistakes because Coach Snyder is not going to go for that. We've been, what, four and seven and five and seven…it's time to get us back to a bowl game and have a winning season. With the young guys coming in, I think we can get there this year." On making reads in passing game: "That's one thing that I have needed to improve on, to not rely on my legs so much but get the ball to my receivers and backs. The "kick-down" is the most important thing for a quarterback, like kicking it down to the running back. That's important, I've been working on it and I have got to get better on it." On Senior Leadership: "Coach Snyder basically has put all of that in our hands, because the young guys can relate to us more on that than even the coaches. All the seniors have taken the challenge to push the young guys. We have had a whole bunch of guys in previous senior classes say ‘We've got to win and get to a bowl,' and it didn't happen. Coach Snyder challenged all the seniors not just to talk about, but to be about it. We have to be mature enough to not be out on our own (after curfew, set by the seniors at 11:30 p.m. Saturday night), to not do something that you are telling someone else not to do. Coach Snyder is preaching it is up to the seniors. I gave my senior speech last Sunday and I tried to preach to those guys about being responsible. I tried to tell them you do not want to be in the news, the media, for a negative. Some of the young guys took that to heart and I don't think we'll have those problems here.

PASSING: Bernard Morris 10-6-0, 52 yards; Brian Anderson 15-12-1, 146 yards; Wesley Beardain 6-4-0, 102 yards; Mark Cann 6-3-0, 17 yards; Chris Smith 3-3-0, 20 yards; Jonathan Garner 2-0-0; TOTAL 42-28-1, 67 percent, 337 yards, 0 TD.
RUSHING: Darius Marshall 19-75, 2 TD; Chubb Small 16/94; Terrell Edwards 13-68; Kelvin Turner 8-48; Bryant Milligan 4/9; Bernard Morris 5/3; Mark Cann 3/15; Darius Passmore 1/13; Chris Smith 1/0; E.J. Wynn 1/(-3); Wesley Beardain 1/(-9); TOTAL 73/310, 4.2 yards per carry, 2 TD.
RECEIVING: E.J. Wynn 5/85; Cody Slate 4/77;Darius Passmore 4/55; Emmanuel Spann 3/24; Bryant Milligan 2/36; Brian Shope 2/14; Shawn Lauzon 2/13; Darius Marshall 2/12; Seth Oskin 1/11; Terrell Edwards 1/4; Patrick Kouns 1/4; Cody Tominack 1/2.
FIELD GOAL/EXTRA-POINT: Anthony Binswanger 5-6 field goal (21, 46, 45, 27, 34; miss 25); 2-2 extra-point.
PENALTIES: Offense 6/(-35); Defense 3/(-35).
FIRST DOWNS: First Team-22; Second Team-10.
DEFENSE: James Burkes 8 tkl, tfl (-1), qbp; Maurice Kitchens 6 tkl, 2 tfl (-10), 2 ff; John Saunders 6 tkl, tfl (-1); Mario Harvey 6 tkl, tfl (-3); Corey Hart 6 tkl; Antwan Booker 6 tkl; Aaron Johnson 5 tkl, int (+41/retn); Kevin Perry 5 tkl, qbp; Zearrick Matthews 5 tkl, pbu; J.J. Johnson 5 tkl; Michael Janac 5 tkl, 3 tfl (-19), 2 qbs (-15), pbu; Josh Johnson 5 tkl; Ryland Wilson 4 tkl, tfl (-3); Jon Moravec 4 tkl; Vinny Curry 4 tkl; Ashton Hall 4 tkl; Byron Tinker 4 tkl, tfl (-3); Will Albin 3 tkl, tfl (-3), pbu; DeNathian Robinson 3 tkl; Johnny Jones 3 tkl, tfl (-9), qbp; C.J. Spillman 3 tkl, pbu, fr (+13/TD); DeQuan Bembry 2 tkl, ff; Phillip Gamble 2 tkl, fr; Ian Hoskins 2 tkl; T.J. Drakeford 2 tkl, tfl (-10), qbs (-10); Kellen Harris 2 tkl; DeMetrius Thompson 2 tkl, qbp; Howard King tkl; D.J. Wingate tkl; Montel Glasco tkl; Clint Eakles tkl; John Jacobs tkl; Mahala Wiggins tkl; 42 Stuart Lips tkl; Tyler Torlone tkl; Daniel Wells qbp.
KEY: tkl-tackles; tfl-tackles for loss; qbs-quarterback sacks; qbp-quarterback pressures; ff-forced fumble; fr-fumble recovered; int-interception; pbu-pass broken up.

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