Herd Has One Practice On Last 2-A Day

Marshall took the field Friday morning for what would be the last practice of the 2007, as Coach Mark Snyder gave the team the afternoon off after Anthony Binswanger hit a field goal in period one. Snyder was even more pleased with the morning practice after watching the film and after some team "walk-through" and the field goal, he sent the team and coaches to the Henderson Center pool.

Fans should note the scrimmage on Saturday will start at Noon, not 12:30 p.m. as previously reported, during Choose-A-Seat season ticket sales tomorrow. Snyder was even happy before he saw the video and gave the team the afternoon off to rest its legs when he met the media after the morning session. "Yeah,it cooled down a bit. It was a good practice (this morning)," said Snyder after the workout. "There was good and bad on both sides and we'll continue to work to get better. That's what two-a-days is about. I can tell the 'dog days' of two-a-days have hit. This is the last one (day of two practices) and we've had a good camp...make that a hard camp.

The team had some uncharacteristic offsides and illegal procedures during even the walk-through part of this morning's workout, but nothing Snyder is not accustomed to. "That's the dog days of two-a-days, penalties and things of that nature kick in. They are a little leg weary, but over the next three days I've got a plan to get their legs back." Marshall will start to school on Monday, and it is 14 days Saturday until the opener at Miami with the Hurricanes on September 1.

"We still have two weeks, thank goodness, and we'll be in one-a-days next week. We'll start working on getting the legs back. I'm giving them 48-hours off, but we will have a team meeting Sunday night to set up their academics, get to know your professors, your syllabus, that kind of information, but they'll have 48-hours off after the scrimmage Saturday, and the scrimmage is at Noon Saturday not 12:30. Closer to Noon than 12:30. We'll see how long meetings take, how long the officials take in the rules meeting, but somewhere around the 12 o'clock hour we will tee it off.

"The plan (for the scrimmage) is the ones getting somewhere around 30 plays, then the twos and threes (on the depth chart) get 60." Marshall will have a dress rehearsal next Saturday, August 25, when they put coaches in the booth, run the clocks and work on game situations. "Tomorrow, we will scrimmage," said Snyder.

In this mornings workout, both Bernard Morris and Brian Anderson got all the snaps during pass skeleton and both were very sharp, including two perfectly thrown long passes for touchdown by Morris to Taravis Thompson and by Anderson to Marcus Fitzgerald. They combined for 7-of-9 in the red-zone skel, with Anderson finding Emmanuel Spann for a 12-yard touchdown and Morris hitting Darius Passmore for a 18-yard score.

During team, Anderson struggled some with the ones at the 40-yard line by going 0-for-5 with one pass broken up and one interception by Zearrick Mathews who is having a sensational camp at corner. He has a pick or break-up in every practice in pads. Morris was 3-of-4 and both quarterbacks made good decisions to run and not throw into coverage. Wesley Beardain was 2-of-3 with the second unit while Mark Cann hit 1-of-3.

In the red-zone, the offense scored just twice, but both were explosive runs by Darius Marshall and Spann. The defense got big plays from Michael Janac, who had a sack, and Antwan Booker, who tackled Marshall for a loss while Montel Glasco broke up a pass over the middle. Insider the green zone (the ten-yard line in), the teams split as Chubb Small ran in from eight-yards out and Morris found E.J. Wynn for a six-yard score. Janac sacked Morris, forcing and recovering a fumble, and John Saunders broke up a pass for Spann in the end zone to end practice.

NOTES:The MU practices have had some atmosphere with the "Marshall Marching Thunder" marching band working out on the grass practice field just east of the stadium. The band has used the infield of the track for many years, but that is no longer an option with the construction of two new dorms and the student fitness center this summer. The music comes right over the East stands into practice...Tackle Daniel Baldridge is taking a couple of days off to rest a sore shoulder, but it appears the sophomore has retained the starting right tackle spot he won this past spring on the offensive line. "He has come a long way," Snyder told reporters on Thursday. "He's earned a right to cool down that shoulder a little bit, and get healthy."...Marshall University's Welcome Weekend for students and parents has a special showing of "We Are Marshall" in the Buskirk Field in the center of campus Friday night at 9:30 p.m. The University is also sponsoring Dodgeball tournaments and a family picnic today, breakfast at the Memorial Student Union and other activities on Saturday, ending the day with a pep rally and luau. Sunday, MU President Stephen J. Kopp will hold the first "Freshman Convocation" in nearly a half-century at the historic Keith-Albee Theater on Fourth Avenue in downtown Huntington and the day ends with a picnic at the Harless Dining Hall. Classes start Monday morning at MU and dorms opened to students on Thursday.

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