Quotes, Statistics From August 18 Scrimmage

The Marshall football team scrimmaged on Saturday, August 18, and for the second-consecutive Saturday the offense won the workout and gets to wear the kelly green jerseys for another week of practice. It marks the end of camp for the Thundering Herd and classes start on Monday for all Marshall University students. Here are the players and Coach Mark Snyder on the scrimmage, plus stats at the end.

Coach Snyder on the offense's 58-34 come-from-behind win: "It's hard for the defense to win without turnovers and tackles for loss," said the head coach. "I think our offense is figuring out not to turn the ball over. Look at the points the defense put up: fumble, fumble, interception for touchdown. Those are huge, but I have to temper it a little bit because we had guys out on defense, too."

Snyder on his team at the end of camp: "We really won't know until we get to Miami (how good we are). I think were a little further ahead on offense than defense right now. We're a little bit more talented on offense than defense, right now. We've got some talent on the offense. We've got some young talent on the defense. They are still learning who they are, not why. I think our offense is a little bit further along."

Snyder on players who stood out today: "(Guard) Ryan Tillman made some blocks for us today, he made some blocks that sprung those guys today. E.J. Wynn, continued to make some plays for us (at wide receiver), which is good. I thought (tight end) Lee Smith and (running back) Chubb Small had decent days, did some things I haven't seen them do."

Snyder on the things to work on: "We have to get better in all phases of the game. By no means are we there yet, we have to keep working. That's what these next two weeks are for. Too many penalties for my liking," said the third-year coach to a question about what didn't go well, "and we have got to score in the red-zone (inside the opponent's 20-yard line). That's ridiculous that (our offense) falls apart when we reach the 30. Kind of like our defense last year on third and long. We weren't very good on third and 14 or fourth and ten. Those are the easy downs and the red-zone should be the easy downs. Again, that's why I'm so proud of Bins today."

Senior left tackle John Inman on the young linemen: "We had a bunch of young guys up there, but they did pretty well for the most part. You never know when you'll be called upon so you have to be ready at any time. If your a young guy, don't come in to be red-shirted, come in to try and contribute to this team. I think we have a bunch of guys who will do that. Your offensive line blocks well enough, we should be able to put anyone back there (in the backfield) and make plays. The old saying is the team goes as the offensive line goes. The difference between winners and losers out here is scoring touchdowns in the red-zone. We've got to punch the ball in."

Red-shirt frosh guard Chad Schofield on getting reps with injuries to starters: "I just try to do the best I can. These reps have been real valuable. We get up to speed and see what's going on with the first team. I can always look to Brian Leggett in case I need help. He makes the calls, he's a real big help. We've got to drive our feet and get low, that's what it takes up front."

Senior quarterback Bernard Morris on scrimmage: "We did start pretty slow and when we turned the ball over, it seemed to be all down hill from there. The good thing was we had the twos to come in and pep us up a little bit and that's what they did. But being the ones, we can't let the twos out-do us, especially in scrimmages when we need points."

Morris on how the young players are progressing: "That's the good thing right now (getting reps with the ones), if we have to play five, six or seven linemen this year, we will need some of those young guys to come in with experience they are getting in practice versus our ones. Down at Miami, or back here against West Virginia, you don't know who will be playing but I thought they did a real good job. All the young quarterbacks did a great job today, Jonathan to Mark to Chris. Coach threw them in the fire and threw a whole bunch of stuff at them (defensively). We have some pretty smart guys, they came in and didn't miss a beat. They had a really solid scrimmage."

Morris on the offense winning two scrimmages: "We have a whole bunch of guys on offense who can make plays for us, and we are trying to use them to the best of our abilities. The defense, they have shown us so many things in camp, we have gotten used to some of it and know what calls to check-down into to make plays. Chubb was challenged early in camp, Coach saying he can't have turnovers, and he's really stepped up to the plate."

Taravis Thompson on his first full scrimmage: "I had a couple of mental busts and things are coming back slow. I've got to know I sat out a year and bounce back as quick as I can. Things went bad early and kept adding on to the year that I missed. The coaching staff did a good job of keeping my head up, telling me I would be out there making plays eventually. I just have to catch on and keep progressing. It's just executing the plays and sometimes I go back to the old things I used to do (in high school). I've got to get comfortable doing the right things, catching the ball and turning straight upfield."

Coach Phil Ratliff on tight end Lee Smith: "He's making progress every day. You've got to look at this guy like a true freshman with everything he's had to take in, but he's kept a good attitude. I've been riding him, Coach Kueck has been riding him, Coach Snyder has been riding him, but he's kept his head up. He needs to improve like he has been doing, each and every day. He's a totally different player each day than the day before. Lee is a smart guy and he learns from his mistakes."

Ratliff on senior Brian Shope: "He's worked really hard since I've been here. He has done everything that has been asked of him. I tell the tight ends that each of them make the other ones better and he's stepping up to the challenge. He knew what he had to do this summer to step up and he's done it. He's totally changed his body. He's someone the team looks up to and he's continued by having a good camp."

Chubb Small on the competition at running back: "It is about starting, but it isn't. It's about being consistent. We don't mind if every back rotates, and not miss a beat. What ever back is in, we need to keep the quarterbacks safe in protection, run the ball and produce. We need everybody to get to a level where we produce no matter who is in there. We want it to be that way. If one man goes down, the next guy comes in and he's ready. I give a lot of credit (to the offensive line) today. The new guys have come in and learned right on the spot. Just like we want the backs to come in and not miss a beat, we want the offensive line to be the same."


PASSING: Bernard Morris 11-8-0, 83 yards; Brian Anderson 8-3-1, 50 yards; Mark Cann 10-7-0, 85 yards, TD (11); Wesley Beardain 6-4-0, 31 yards; Chris Smith 5-2-0, 36 yards, TD (19); Jonathan Garner 4-2-0, 56 yards.
RUSHING: Darius Marshall 12/66 (5.5 ypc); Chubb Small 4/56 (14.0), TD (22); Kelvin Turner 7/26 (3.7); Antoine Cabarrus 5/21 (4.2, and TD called back for holding on line); Tyler Shick 1/(-1); Morris 3/(-10); Anderson 1/(-4); C. Smith 2/10; Cann 1/0; Beardain 1/0; Bryant Milligan 4/23, 1 TD (11); E.J. Wynn 1/5; Darius Passmore 1/5; Lyndl Jones 1/3; Taravis Thompson 1/1.
RECEIVING: T. Thompson 4-70; Turner 3-56; Brian Shope 3-40; Passmore 2-38; Marshall 2-34, TD (19); Shawn Lauzon 2-16; Wynn 2-15; Lee Smith 2-12; Chuck Roberts 2-6; Seth Oskin 1-17; Emmanuel Spann 1-13; Marcus Fitzgerald 1-13; Milligan 1-11, TD.
KICKING: Anthony Binswanger, 2-2 field goals (48, 49) and 1-1 extra-points; Elliot Boyd 3-3 extra-points.
FIRST DOWNS: First Team-8; Second Team-14.
PENALTIES: Offense 10/(-80); Defense 2/(-20).
DEFENSE: Mario Harvey 8 tkl, 3 tfl (-11), qbs (-8), qbp and pbu; Antwan Booker 5 tkl, int (26 yd. retn. for TD) and qbp; DeQuan Bembry 5 tkl; Maurice Kitchens 4 tkl and ff; Aaron Johnson 4 tk, tfl and qbs (-4); Joe Bragg 4 tkl, tfl (-1) and qbp; John Saunder 4 tkl and pbu; James Burkes 4 tkl; Will Albin 4 tkl; Jon Moravec 3 tkl and fr; Kevin Perry 3 tkl and tfl (-2); Zearrick Mathews 3 tkl; T.J. Drakeford 3 tkl; Kellen Harris 2 tkl and qbp; Daniel Wells 2 tkl and qbp; Tyler Torlone 2 tkl; J.J. Johnson 2 tkl; Corey Hart 2 tkl; Johnny Jones tkl, fr and qbp; Michael Janac tkl, tfl and qbs (-8); Ashton Hall tkl, pbu and qbp; D.J. Wingate tkl and pbu; DeMetrius Thompson tkl and pbu; John Jacobs tkl and qbp; Shane Moore tkl; Byron Tinker tkl; Montel Glasco tkl; Phillip Gamble tkl; Brett Traylor tkl; Howard King tkl. KEY: tkl-tackles (solo or assist); tfl-tackles for loss; qbs-quarterback sacks; qbp-quarterback pressures; int-interceptions; pbu-passes broken up; ff-forced fumbles; fr-fumbles recovered.

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