Mark Snyder Meets With Media For WVU Game

Mark Snyder held his weekly press conference on Tuesday to discuss the Thundering Herd's upcoming game with West Virginia University. It will be the No. 3-ranked Mountaineers first trip to Huntington to play Marshall since 1915, and a sellout crowd is expected at the Joan C. Edwards Stadium for the 11 a.m., ESPN2 nationally-televised broadcast.

Here is what Snyder had to say to the media on Tuesday. His opening comments:
"It's an exciting week. Put the state on center stage on ESPN2 when we kickoff the day in college football. It should be an exciting day. It should be a fun Saturday. We have got to play well on defense, there is nowhere safe on the field."

On what MU must do:
"We have got to get a lot better from game one to game two. We made a bunch of youthful mistakes against a good Miami team. We cannot have the penalties and turnovers we had last week. This week, they are a big-play offense, there is no place on the field that is safe with this team. The minus-one, the-minus two or the plus-one or two, there is no place safe. We must stay out of third and long, that's the key for our offense. We will be at full-speed this week (injury wise)."

On the backfield at Marshall for this week:
"We will start with Bernard, see how the game goes. Brian Anderson will play. It depends on the game how much Darius Marshall will play. We have to stay out of third and long as there are only so many things we can do with him at that yardage. But, yes, we would like to get him more snaps. We have to stay out of third and long and Darius Marshall will get more reps. There is only so many ways you can use a tailback on third and long, but I would like to see a heavy dose of Darius. He will return kickoffs, with Chubb Small. "

Darius Marshall looked for running room during an August scrimmage. D. Marshall had 89 yards in all-purpose yardage against Miami in his first collegiate game. photo by Greg Perry/HI staff

On remembering any pair better than WVU's two playmakers, Slaton and White:
"I can recall Wisconsin had Chambers and Evans when they were there. Michigan, with Braylon (Edwards) and Chris Perry. But these two (Slaton and White), they are the best."

On how to defend against the West Virginia offense:
"We have to build a wall. This is an offense you slow down but I'm not sure you can completely stop them. When they get to the second level, and they will, we have got to be sure to tackle them which we didn't do last year. We saw a different twinkle in their eye (after the Miami game). Johnny Jones, he actually spoke yesterday. And for game two, they will get baptisted again. This will help us, I see nothing but a silver lining."

On the early start:
"We'll move everything up an hour. It's exciting. The whole country will be watching us when we kick off. We'll still have steak. Nothing wrong with steak and eggs in the morning."

On West Virginia and Marshall being rivals:
"It's hard to call a game a rivalry until we make it competitive. West Virginia will come down here and try to…beat us."

On Marshall having so many third and longs versus Miami:
"Third and longs will happen, but it was the way they happened that bothered me. Penalties, we can't have. That's why WV is so good, because they stay out of third and long. On second or third and short, they can run the offense or take a shot downfield. That's why they are so effective with what they do. Even in third and long, they can be effective because their quarterback can move."

On what the offense has to do against the Mountaineers they couldn't do against Miami:
"We have to get our play makers involved. We kept the tight ends in more than we would have wanted to. Xs and Os go out the window when you are in third and long. It handcuffed Larry Kueck, when you are deep in your territory, in the shadow of your own goalpost on second or third and 13. That's what we challenged our offense, and special teams, to keep us out of."

On playing WVU at the Joan C. Edwards Stadium, where MU is 109-11 since 1991:
"I think (being home) is a great advantage. We have to stay out of third and long and not turn the ball over because this team is too good offensively."

On the West Virginia defensive scheme:
"They don't look any different to me defensively. They may blitz a little more, bringing a little more heat on third and long. They have added to the package but it's the same defense."

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