The POST: Marshall-KSU Post Game Quotables

Post game quotes from Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich, coach Bob Pruett, and Kent St. coach Dean Pees after MU's win over the Flashes on October 5, 2002.

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"It's great to win. This has been a hard place for us to play, forever. Kent really played hard. I think they really played hard. Cribbs is an awesome player, and he just kept us off-balance all day defensively. You miss an assignment, miss a tackle, and boy, he just makes a lot of things happen that keep them in the game. We're a very potent offensive football team. One of the things we've been able to do the past two ballgames is show that we can run the football. It's something we felt like we had to do."
"We caught the ball better. We made some tough catches today. I was really worried about the game today because our schedule has been so irregular. We're the type of deal that we're not in rhythm yet. Once we get in rhythm and go and click, we've really got a lot of firepower."
"Defensively at times, we did some really good things. Cribbs made us look worse than we are. The scramble? We've got everybody covered and he goes for 55 yards. The defensive guys rose up and made some plays there at the end."

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"We're going to have drops. We understand that. Our guys did a great job of fighting through it and making plays when we needed to make plays. We put up 600 yards of offense, and we still don't please people. I understand where they're coming from if we make some mistakes that aren't us. But if we don't make those mistakes, man, then we've got 800, 900 yards total offense. And then it's kind of unreal, that's not supposed to happen."
"They put us in some bad situations sometimes. I'm jealous. He (Joshua Cribbs) can do some things I can't do. He can do some things with that football in his hands that are amazing. Ain't too many people that can do the things he does. To have a player like that, I know coach Pees is very proud of that guy because he's doing a great job. He's only going to make good things. He doesn't make too many mistakes. It's tough when you've got to prepare for that guy. In practice, you can't put anybody back there that will emulate him."

Kent State coach Dean Pees:
"Marshall is a very good football team, which we knew. They're more talented than we are. I think we've closed the gap some. We've got a couple guys to make plays, but not enough. They've got a lot of guys who make plays, both sides of the ball. They do the right things."
"What's frustrating is that I called more blitzes today than I've probably called in four years. But the problem of it is, when you're not getting to him (Leftwich) it's like Russian Roulette: You're putting a gun to your head and it's going to go off."

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