The POST: Marshall-Buffalo Post-Game Quotes

Herd Insider spoke with Byron Leftwich, Yancey Satterwhite, Wilbur Hargrove and coach Bob Pruett after the 66-21 win over Buffalo. Here's what they had to say about the game. For Club members only!

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"I think the first half is the best half of football we've played since I've been here. When we click like that, we're pretty good. We came out in the game in our two-minute offense. We've been pretty efficient at that all year long. It was a pretty warm day, and we wanted to see of we could wear them down a little bit, get them running around and wear their defense down."
"Of course, Byron was hot. And our line really protected well for him. When you get that combination, and we were catching the ball, it really is good. At halftime Byron had 440 yards, and he was 20 yards away from the record. That's two times this year I've held him back from that. He wanted it. But he's such a class kid, he understands."

"I think they're better than they showed. But when we're clicking like that, we're just pretty good. We had some young kids play and get some valuable experience in the second half. I was disappointed in the fourth quarter with our younger kids making some mental errors and letting them get some yardage."

Marshall running back Wilbur Hargrove:
"The coach gave me a chance to play, and I got in and showed what I can do. It felt great to get in and play behind the #1 line. Got the #1 receivers out there. Even though Byron wasn't in there, it still felt great to play with Stan Hill."
(On his 78-yard TD run)"The line blocked great. I thought the guy was behind me, so I dived just to be sure."
"I guess my chances came tonight. The guys expect a lot out of me. They encourage me every day to do better, and to come in and do what I can do. So I guess I owed it to them tonight to get 100 yards."Marshall defensive back Yancey Satterwhite:
"On the interception, a couple plays before I had missed one. I knew I was going to get my opportunity again. The guy ran a curl route, I read the quarterback the whole way and broke on it. On the sack, we had called a corner blitz earlier and the guy rolled out and I didn't get a chance to get it. And when they called it again, I knew I wasn't going to let this one slide by. He squared up, he never saw me coming and I hit him and the got the ball out for the score."
"Besides getting an interception for a touchdown, I think that's the best (feeling for a defensive back)."

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"I think this is the week we clicked on all cylinders. I think this is the Marshall team that everybody has been waiting on. And to be honest with you, we didn't mean to come out and throw the ball as many times as we did in the first half. But we were doing it, and it didn't seem like they had an answer for it."
"We just made the plays that we should have made. When they applied pressure on me, our wide receivers won in one-on-one situations and that's how we got the big plays. I've been waiting on it, everybody's been waiting on it. We were just clicking. If we could do it over, I wish we could give them (Wallace and Carey) more rushing attempts."
"This team will never amaze me. Because when you sit back and look at it, I missed one to Spyder (Watts). It could have been 59-0. I really missed one to Denero, I made a bad check. That could have been 60-something. With this team, nothing ever surprises me. That's what we're supposed to do. From here on out, if we don't score 50 in a half I know we're going to hear about it. That just shows the expectations you've got for us, and the expectations that we've got for ourselves. Our expectations are so far higher than yours. It's not about who we play. For us to go out there and play that type of half and score 52 points, that will put a smile on your face."

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