Marshall Managers Top Trainers, 33-19

It is a rite of passage that every Marshall student-manager and student-trainer must endure when the cool autumn breeze begins to blow and the brilliant colors of Fall shine throughout the Tri-State. From the artificial surface of olde' Fairfield Stadium, where it all began, to the FieldTurf of the Joan C. Edwards Stadium, every Thanksgiving week for more than a quarter of a century they gather.

Trainer and manager alike, they gather to battle one another in the historic Turkey Bowl. A bowl game like no other where legends are made and dreams are broken. A bowl game where many of the hardest working individuals in the Marshall athletic department have their moment to shine with the hopes of earning the status of legend, and have their name forever spoken with honor in the equipment room and training room for generations to come.

That great bowl game was renewed once again earlier this week, with the managers taking a 33-19 win over the trainers at Joan C. Edwards Stadium. The win avenged a rare loss to the trainers last season and returned the coveted "Keg" to the equipment room.

"It feels great to have the Keg back where it belongs," Head Equipment Manager Rich Worner said. "Our guys dedicated themselves to a year long work-out regime and it showed." Worner, who has drawn criticism in recent years from equipment room alumni for dropping games to the trainers in 2004 and in 2006 (the only loses suffered by the managers in the history of the series), may have new found job security with this year's strong showing.

The managers' offensive MVP was Adam Meyers. The manager standout completed 13-of-26 passes for 289 yards and three touchdowns. He also added a rushing score on the day. Defensively, Adam Trowbridge recorded two interceptions and returned one for a score.The trainers, who are now 2-3 under Josh Signs, the winningest coach/player in trainer history, received a strong performance from Dan Ricci who caught a 25-yard TD pass and recorded an interception.

Signs said there are several reasons for this years setback. "The rules changed this year. In past years it has been two-hand touch and now all of a sudden it is flag football with unlimited rushing of the quarterback. We were undersized and had a tough time up front and could not hold them off." The comments were regarded in the equipment area as typical, 20-hour-a week, poor-losers, trainer-type whining. Also. this year's game was marred with a bench clearing brawl that led to the ejection of one player from each team. That is believed to be a Turkey Bowl first, although sketchy records show it may have happened by in the early days of the rivalry at Fairfield Stadium in the 1970s and 1980s.

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