The POST: Marshall-Troy State Post Game Quotes

Herd Insider spoke with coach Bob Pruett and players Yancey Satterwhite, Byron Leftwich, and Jason Rader after Marshall's 24-7 win over Troy State. Read what they said, word for word. For Club members only!

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"I'm tickled to death, I really am. I thought we played great on defense. Offensively, we did what we had to do. The ball was wet, and we didn't catch some balls. They have the 12th-ranked defense in the country, and the 7th ranked pass defense. I thought we did a lot of really good things. Matter of fact, I was a little suprised we handled them that easily."
"They've got a good team, got good players. And we handled them."
"On that one play, they lost what, 90 yards? [laughter]. That ain't fair. That helped our rush defense, though. [laughter]"

Marshall defensive back Yancey Satterwhite:
"All week long our coaches were telling us how they were talking in the paper, saying they were going to do the same thing to us that Virginia Tech did. Which is smash-mouth football, try to run it at us. We just didnt' want to let that happen again. This is our stadium. We just took it upon ourselves to step up. That's two weeks we've been pretty dominant out there on the field. I like what I'm seeing out there from my guys."
"Everything they tried to run, our guys on the front four were just stuffing it. I looked up at one time in the third quarter, and they had 3 yards total in the quarter. That's impressive for us."
"Tonight we played the run real well, and we played the pass even better. It's all coming together from game to game. Central Michigan is next."

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"The first thing that really got to us was Curtis. When you see a guy working that hard, one of your family members go out the way he went out, I think everybody was thinking about that for a second. Everybody had Curtis in the back of their minds, and you say 'don't think about it' , but it's hard to do that. Then the weather started pouring down, and that was the first time we've played in game conditions like that kind of weather. We did what we had to do to win. I think we played well enough to win, and it showed. And our defense did a hell of a job."
"Our defense is getting so much better, and it's just fun to see those guys go out there and do those things like that."
"They were dropping their guys back, and we were just hitting Rader. He was doing what he had to do with the ball, and making big plays."
"That might be the best front four we've played against."

Marshall tight end Jason Rader:
"I'm getting more confident as the season goes on. Just sitting out a year and a half, it's kind of tough. I forgot what it's like to be in game mode. Games are a lot different than practice. I'm getting real confident in game situations."
"I hate seeing what happened to Curtis (Jones). After he went down, I felt like I had to step up and become that fourth receiver tonight. It's just a devastating blow losing Curtis like that."
"In third and short situations, we took advantage of the rainy night, dumping low balls down to the tight end."

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