The POST: Marshall-C. Michigan Post Game Quotes

Herd Insider went one-on-one with Marshall coach Bob Pruett after the Herd's 23-18 win over Central Michigan on October 26, 2002. Here is the transcript of Pruett's post-game media session, word-for-word. For Club members only!

Marshall coach Bob Pruett's post-game comments:
"Well, we got away with one. If you want to have a big year, you want to do that. You have to be able to do that when you don't play your best, and you still get away with the win. I give Central Michigan a lot of credit. Their kids came out and played hard, they played with a lot of energy. We had them down 20 to nothing, they didn't fold. We let them get back in the game right before the half, and we didn't do anything.
"Our red zone offense... we can't kick field goals, we have to score touchdowns. We need to do that. You can't drop the ball, you can't have penalties, and you can't turn it over. And that's the things that we did. I don't know how many turnovers we had..."
"We've been feeling awful good about ourselves for 4 or 5 weeks now. We need to be feeling a little bit bad about ourselves. Maybe we can come back down and play. This is a tough place to play. We have no excuse. Just give Central Michigan credit for playing good."

Question: What did you think on the pass interference flag (in the second half)?
Coach Pruett:
"Well, the umpire's the one who said the kid tipped the ball. But...the guy who tipped the ball is the one who interfered. You really don't want to know what I think. We can't print it. That being said, we probably should have kicked a field goal and not gone for it.
"We were late getting up here, laying around in the hotel this morning, being sleepy...not coming out and playing with a lot of energy. Then sometimes when the other team gets energy, it's hard for you to get enough. We just didn't make plays we usually make."

Question: Did you feel like your team got a little bit content when they were up 20-0?
Coach Pruett:"I was worried coming into today about this whole thing. Just playing with energy and playing with excitement. We didn't seem to struggle moving the ball, but we just weren't scoring."

Question: People are going to look at Byron's numbers and think, 'Gee he had a great day'. Can you talk about his performance?
Coach Pruett:"The thing of it is, you've got to catch the ball and protect the ball. The third and 35 was a great play. We just have to help him a little bit more with the things we're doing. And we just didn't help him much today. We should have been able to do whatever we wanted today, and we didn't. Our whole offensive line played with lackluster effort today. They got pressured."

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