The POST: Marshall-Akron Post Game Quotes

Herd Insider spoke with Marshall coach Bob Pruett, Marshall players Orlando Washington and Steve Sciullo, and Akron coach Lee Owens after the Zips beat Marshall, 34-20, on November 2, 2002. For Club members only!

Marshall Head Coach Bob Pruett:
On Leftwich: "At the hospital his shin was just x-rayed. The same shin that was operated on last summer. He didn't want to go to the hospital; he wanted to continue to play. He is a competitor. He came out and played hard. He showed a tremendous amount of courage, but their football team did too."
On Akron: "I thought we came back after the half and did some good things and Stan (Hill) was handling things well, but we dropped the ball again. We busted our own bubble, so consequentially we got beat."
On Marshall's Special Teams: "We keep putting different people back there. Right now we might just have to let it bounce. We have not yet solved that problem, and that's because we haven't worked on it."
On Akron Coach Lee Owens: "I understand he's catching some heat. They need to hang with him; he's doing a good job. He's got a young football team. There is no reason to start over. You don't need to schedule three teams you can't beat at the beginning of the season and then wonder why you can't win."

Akron Head Coach Lee Owens:
On Marshall: "We didn't have anything to play for and they had everything to play for. Our players understood that. That's why sometimes it's pretty hard to make sure your guys are focused because there is so much at stake on the other side of the field and I think we were able to get that point across. I wouldn't let them take the field until I was convinced that they understood what we were talking about and how we had to play this game."
On defeating a top-25 team: "We've been so close to doing this on so many occasions with so many different teams. The first time is always the hardest. To beat a team that is ranked in the top 25 and to be the underdog in this situation is tough. We've gone through so much adversity in the course of the season and nobody gives you a chance to win, it makes tonight awful big."

Marshall Defensive Lineman Orlando Washington:
On Leftwich: "When your leader comes out and does that its makes it even more upsetting for me to know our leader came back and we still lost the game. I mean he played on one leg. We knew he had a lot of guts and he just proved it tonight and it's just very disappointing losing this game just because of what he did by coming back."
On rest of season "We don't have any cushion and we did it to ourselves. Now we have to win out and play well these next few games.

Marshall Offensive Lineman Steve Sciullo:
"That was the worst game we have ever played here by far. What can you say? It's just terrible. It was a big letdown. We had chances and moved the ball a little bit. Stan came in and did an effective job, but things didn't go our way tonight."

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