The POST: Miami Post-Game Quotes

Herd Insider spoke with Marshall coach Bob Pruett and quarteback Stan Hill immediately after the Herd's 36-34 win over the Miami RedHawks on November 12, 2002. Here's what they said about the win. For Club members only!

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"We felt all along that (Stan Hill) was going to be a really good player. For the first game he's started since high school, and to come in and do the job he did, is a tremendous feat on his part. We've got a big challenge ahead of us to get to the championship game. It was just a tremendous game for us. I can't be tickled enough. For those people that stayed home, I hope their TV went blank. [laughter] Byron Leftwich means so much to this team. I know he inspired them more than I did. I challenged them, he inspired them. That kid was begging for a shot in his ankle so he could play. Our seniors stepped up."
"I challenged each one of them to play to their capability. I challenged Yancey Satterwhite, and I think he met the challenge today. I challenged Chris Crocker, and I think he met the challenge today."
"We knew we were going to have to run the football. We didn't want to come in and throw the ball as much as we did, but Stan got in a groove and he was making good throws. Stan is going to do nothing but get better."
"Watts did a great job. They couldn't cover him, they were doubling him on obvious passing downs when he was out there. Stan did an excellent job when they didn't double him, of checking to him."

Marshall quarterback Stan Hill
"We just got in there and worked our offense, man. We had 12 days to practice, and we were clicking on all cylinders, our running backs, our receivers. We just got in there and ran our offense, everybody played their part. It was like spring ball, in that Byron was hurt and I got in there with the ones. I was relaxed, and I got over my nervous stage."
"Josh Davis is tremendous at getting open. He just finds windows and I was just trying to find him to get him the ball."
On the game-winning touchdown: "Coach Pruett told me the one thing not to do was take a sack. I dropped back and I saw JD come across. They all bit on JD. I saw the opening and ran it. "
Did you get down after the picks? "No. The first one I threw, I squeezed it, and it was just a bad throw. Denero ran a perfect route. I threw a bad throw. It happens. I wasn't down at all on that one, because we were moving the ball on offense. That's what my job is, to move the ball. They were both my fault. You've just got to learn from your mistakes."
Did Byron's presence on the sidelines help you? "That was awesome. You can't ask for anything more than a Heisman Trophy candidate sitting there, talking you through it. He told me what I was doing wrong, what I was doing right. He helped me out tremendously."

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