Herd Goes In Shells Monday P.M.

"We're getting the ball to our play-makers on offense, and we have play-makers on the other side of the ball," said head coach Mark Snyder after Monday afternoon saw big plays, back and forth, for the Marshall offense and defense. The second practice of the day was scaled back on contact, in shoulder pads and helmets, but not in intensity.

Marshall saw offensive players like Mark Cann and Brian Anderson throw and run for big plays, finding Cody Slate, Darius Passmore and Emmanuel Spann wide open at times. Then at other times, the defense was just as dominating, knocking away balls in the hands of receivers, like Omar Brown did to Slate, or taking it away completely, as D.J. Wingate did to Passmore.

"That's what makes things happen, that we have play-makers on both sides of the ball," said Snyder after a 22-period practice that ended with, once again, Craig Rantanamorn nailing a 37-yard field goal to "Win The Game" and end another successful practice. "It's going to be like this every day, going against each other. And it will depend upon the practice schedule, because everything is scripted. Some the defense will win. Some the offense will win, and we'll be concerned if it doesn't go that way."

Snyder is pleased with some areas he didn't think looked as good earlier as he was after he looked at the film of practice. "The offensive line is doing an admirable job. They are getting a lot of stuff thrown at them, but they looked a lot better today. And yesterday wasn't as bad as I thought it was, after looking at the film. I thought they did pretty good today, and they can't cut anybody. They had a good day today, but we restrict some of the tools they can use like that." Snyder said the staff would have to decide if those "tools" can be used in Saturday's scrimmage or not.

NOTES: The letters welcoming the media to the "Ernie Salvatore Press Box" were being installed today by Paris Signs outside the elevator area of the media level of the press box at the stadium...Randy Burnside celebrated his birthday today (31) with the media in the press box, as Chuck Landon of The Herald-Dispatch brought a cake and card for all to sign and enjoy...Thundering Herd/ISP Sports Network color man, Greg Cyrus, had his chest puffed out as his son received a Appalachian Educational Fellowship scholarship award today, a full ride combined with Promise and other earned scholarships. Way to go, Coach...more scouts were in attendance today at practice, with the Atlanta Falcons watching this morning and three more, including the Buffalo Bills, this afternoon...John Bruhin is still in boot at center, but Maurice Graham and Pete Culicerto were dressed out today for both sessions, although running on the side. No change for Charles Walker and Zearrick Matthews, who both may be a few weeks coming back.

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