Notes, Stats From Marshall Scrimmage Aug. 16

Marshall's offense was the winner of the "green" jerseys for another week as the defense fell 55-33 on Saturday, August 16, in front of about 300 Herd fans. It was also "Choose-A-Seat" Day for fans looking for season tickets, and the Quarterback Club in Huntington had a membership drive and sold tickets to next Saturday's reverse raffle at the student center on the MU campus.

Mark Snyder, head coach: "We didn't show who we are going to be, on either side of the ball."
Corey Hart, weak-side sophomore linebacker: "We kept it simple...we pulled our punches on defense today."
Snyder on the offensive tackles - Ryan Tillman, Charles Wood, Daniel Baldridge and Brandon Campbell - battling for the starting jobs: "We'll have to go look at the film. I'll don't want to vent my opinion live without looking at the film."
Daniel Baldridge, offensive tackle: "For me or the line? As an offensive line, it was pretty good. There are some things we still need to work on. For me, I don't believe it was good enough today. I've got to go back to the drawing board and back to the basics."
Andre Portis, junior college strong-side linebacker, who led Herd in tackles: "I felt like I did good. We've gone through 15-straight practices, so I thought my legs were a little sore. There were some good plays and some bad, but we'll get back out there Monday and fix it up. We have been thudding a lot, and after we woke up, it went pretty good."
Mario Harvey, junior wheel linebacker on playing inside or outside: "I try to make contact, let the opponents know that I'm there. Everyone is jelling together. The offense came out real strong today."
Harvey on playing wheel linebacker, both inside and outside: "It's kind of difficult. I play both at wheel linebacker, but I like being inside, that's where the hitting is."

Snyder thought the following new players jumped out in the scrimmage: "Martin Ward did a good job, but he dropped the ball...We know he is a good player, he's just young...I was pleased with Ward, the other back, Jordan Taylor...(tight end) Jamie Hatten caught a bunch of balls...(defensive end) Vinny (Curry) flashed a couple of times, Ahmed Shakoor showed up all over the field...Brandon Burns flashed one or two times...Delvin (Johnson) and Brandon (Bullock) flashed a couple of times."

Snyder on the veterans who popped out today: "I thought a couple of the tackles did a good job today, because Albert (McClellan) went over there today...Darius Marshall, he's going to be real good...Brian (Anderson) and Mark (Cann), they both did a real good job keeping us in the game, managing the pace...Bryant Milligan showed up a few times...Terrell (Edwards) did a good job well, pass pro'd well, held onto the ball, but Darius, he's 'The Flash.'"

Snyder also thought Marshall running through Spillman was the result of not tackling daily in practice: "It was a thud hit. Those are some of the things Rick (Minter) and I have discussed and know we are going to have to live with." Minter is the new defensive coordinator for the Herd in 2008.


PASSING: Mark Cann 16-11-0, 68 yards; Brian Anderson 20-14-0, 98 yards; Wesley Beardain 3-1-0, 11 yards; Total 39-26-0, 177 yards, 0 TD.

RUSHING: Terrell Edwards 14 carries, 61 yards, TD (3 yards); Martin Ward 14 carries, 57 yards; Darius Marshall 5 carries, 57 yards, TD (49 yards); Jordan Taylor 7 carries, 24 yards, TD (1 yard); Bryant Milligan 1 carry, 10 yards; Chubb Small 2 carries, 4 yards; Wesley Beardain 2 carries, 4 yards; Brian Anderson 2 carries, minus-15 yards (two sacks); Mark Cann 4 carries, minus-14 yards two sacks), TD (1 yard); 51 carries, 184 net yards (213 rushing yards, minus four sacks).

RECEIVING: Bryant Milligan 4 catches, 37 yards; Jamie Hatten 4 catches, 28 yards; Martin Ward 4 catches, 33 yards; E.J. Wynn 3 catches, 29 yards; Tavaris Thompson 2 catches, 10 yards; Lee Smith, 1 catch, 16 yards; Emmanuel Spann 1 catch, 10 yards; Matt Parkhurst 1 catch, 6 yards; Terrell Edwards 1 catch, zero yards.

DEFENSIVE: Andre Portis 7 tkl, qbs (-10), tfl (-10); Brandon Burns 6 tkl, qbs (-1), tfl (-1), pbu, qbp; Mario Harvey 6 tkl, tfl (-6), fr, qbp, pbu; Maurice Kitchen 6 tkl, qbp; Aaron Johnson 6 tkl, qbs (-5), tfl (-5); Vinny Curry 5 tkl, 2 tfl (-8), qbs (-7), 2 qbp, pbu; Phillip Gamble 5 tkl; Delvin Johnson 4 tkl, ff, tfl (-3), qbp; Omar Brown 3 tkl; John Saunders 3 tkl, tfl (-2), pbu; James Burkes 3 tkl; Johnny Jones 3 tkl; Ahmed Shakoor 3 tkl, pbu; Tyson Gale 3 tkl; Josh Miller 3 tkl; Kellen Harris 3 tkl; Corey Hart 3 tkl, pbu; T.J. Drakeford 2 tkl; C.J. Spillman 2 tkl, 2 pbu; DeNathian Robinson 2 tkl; DeMetrius Thompson 2 tkl; John Jacobs 2 tkl, qbp; John Youboty 2 tkl, 2 qbp; D.J. Wingate 2 tkl, pbu; Eric Vint 2 tkl, qbp; Howard King 2 tkl, qbp; Albert McClellan tkl, qbp; Brandon Bullock tkl; Joe Bragg qbp.

Defensive KEY: tkl-tackles; tfl-tackles for loss; qbs-quarterback sacks; qbp-quarterback pressures; ff-forced fumble; fr-fumble recovery; pbu-passes broken up; int-interceptions

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