The POST: Marshall-Ball State Post Game Quotes

Herd Insider spoke with Marshall coach Bob Pruett, and Marshall players Byron Leftwich, Jason Rader, and Denero Marriott after the 38-14 win over Ball State. Here's what each had to say after the game. For Club Members only!

Marshall coach Bob Pruett:
"You know, if Byron Leftwich is not the best quarterback in this country, Moby Dick is still a minnow. I thought this was a pretty good football team we played today. I thought our kids played extremely hard and well. This might have been the most complete, best game we've played to date. Our defense really got after them and made a lot of big plays. I was excited about Byron getting back here. You know, for a guy playing on one and a half legs, he's something."
"It was extremely important that we played well. When you throw the ball as hard as he can (Leftwich), it (the weather) really doesn't matter. He's a great player. They can do all the voting they want on these awards…he's the best player."

Marshall tight end Jason Rader:
"People don't know where we're going to explode from. We've got weapons all over the place. We started out throwing the ball to me early, and that opens up the rest of the guys for the rest of the game. People don't know where we're going to attack from. In the first quarter, the ball was just coming my way and I was open. I knew my time was going to come. You just have to sit back and wait. With all these top-notch receivers we have, a lot of times we like to go deep. I knew the time would come."

Marshall quarterback Byron Leftwich:
"I was just so happy to be starting again. To be playing in the first quarter. Just being in the huddle the whole game. That was the fun part for me, to just see me getting better and better. See my rehab working, and just getting out there and starting a game off. "
"My leg has allowed me to step a little bit more, put a bit more on the ball. I'm getting better every day. That was the coldest my hands have been in my life, in the first quarter. When I first started off, I told the receivers I might be a little bit rusty. I just wanted to get going, get moving, because it was cold out there. I think we did a great job of coming out and dominating from the beginning."
"Stan (Hill) is doing a great job. We're getting him a lot of experience doing that, too. He's playing in games that are important, and he's getting experience that is important to a quarterback."

Marshall receiver Denero Marriott:
"During pre-game, the ball was all over the place. But once the game started, I didn't have any problem with it (the weather)."
"It was great just going out with a bang. It was Senior Day, and everyone wanted to come out and put on a show for the fans."

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