What They Said: MU-KSU Post-Game Quotes

Herd Insider takes our GoHerd.com Club members into the post-game press conference, to hear what the Marshall coaches and players had to say about the Herd's big win over Kent State on February 25...

Marshall guard A.W. Hamilton:
"We got a lot of energy. When the guys came off the bench, they came fired up, ready to go. When they made a little run, our captain (Ron Blackshear) stepped up and hit some big shots. That's what he does for us, and that's why he's our captain."

Marshall forward David Anderson:
On his game-opening dunk...
"I was ready. I think that set up the pace of the game, right there. Everybody just played big-time basketball. Everybody just got electrified, and that's what did it."
On KSU's Antonio Gates...
"We just played good defense on him, that's all. I took it personally. He's slow, but he can hit you with a cross-over. I've got trust in my teammates. They've got my back.

Marshall forward Mark Patton:
"I think we did a pretty good job on him (Antonio Gates). David (Anderson) just played great."

Marshall coach Greg White:
"We lost the one that didn't mean much (Illinois State) and won the one that did. It's just a huge team win for us. The guys that went to the bench had a choice to make, and they obviously made the right one. Both of them played some of their best basketball. Looking back, hindsight is 20-20, I probably needed to do that earlier."

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