Strickland Has Terps Atop His List

Senior prospect hopes that hard work will lead to Terps offer.

With the University of Maryland at the top of Charod Strickland’s list, the Terps are interested in taking note of his strengths and improving his weaknesses.

When one watches Charod play, they agree that he has great vision and balance on the field, as well as being an explosive and powerful athlete. He has quick feet and continuosly makes runs from the backfield to catch the ball. His friends, family and coaches have said that Charod’s style is very similar to Barry Sanders, an immense compliment his father notes. They make this comparison due to Charod’s and Barry’s similar running style.

While his father, Charles, would not say he has any weaknesses, there are a few aspects to Charod’s play that he could improve on. Standing at a height of 5”9, speed is essential. While his quickness and agility are notable, the University of Maryland coaches want him to work on his speed. They would like his 4 ‘6 40 meter dash to become a 4 ‘5 or 4’5.5. They also want him to improve on his blocking in the backfield, even though he is more focused on running and catching the ball.

His agility and footwork makes it impossible for people to catch him and take him down for the tackle.

Even with this, his high school coach, Robert Edwards, described Charod as a “complete player.”

His Junior Year stats included almost 1200 running yards and 1500 receiving yards; he scored a total of 12 touchdowns: 2 receiving and 10 rushing. He did this in only 7 games, as he pulled his hamstring and was out for 2 games. He is currently fully recovered and off to compete for his high school, Arlington Christian School.

Charod has been all region in football for the past three years. With a four year old football program at his school, it is especially notable that he received all region every time he was eligible with a program that is so new.

Charod is a well rounded athlete, also being a Varsity baseball player. With a fully developed baseball program, Charod has been able to excel in many areas. He was all state for baseball, and has succeeded as a shortstop and pitcher. He will be playing third base this year as well.

Charod is definitely looking to play college football, and is potentially thinking to add baseball to that.

Living down in Georgia, Charod, and his family, is unable to make constant visits to Maryland in the middle of football season and preparation for the SAT’s. He has been up to Maryland for a football camp, and if he receives the offer from the Terps, he will find a way to make another visit.

His family completely supports Charod in any decision he makes, and would especially support his decision if he chooses to go to Maryland.

In their previous visit to the University of Maryland, his family was impressed with the school’s football program, academics and the area in and around the school. Being near Washington D.C. gives Maryland a great advantage. There is also an airport close by, enabling his friends and family to have an easy way to visit him to watch his games.

With an offer from The University of Maryland, you can be sure there is a high chance that Charod Strickland will be wearing a red, white, black and gold uniform come next fall.

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