Maryland Lands on Cooper's List

2011 defensive tackle prospect Darian Cooper has Terps in his final seven schools.

Just one month ago, Dematha Catholic High School defensive tackle Darian Cooper had received interest from well over fifteen top-notch football programs. As recently as September first, Cooper narrowed his list of schools down to seven, including Maryland, Penn State, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Iowa, Michigan, and Michigan State, in no particular order. Cooper said, “It’s hard to say what school is my top choice right now. However, Maryland has continued to be very intriguing option.”

On September second, Cooper was contacted by the Maryland coaches for the first time in several weeks. The recruit spoke to Assistant Coach Franklin, and Defensive Line Coach Sollazzo, “They were giving me a lot of high praises,” said Cooper. “They told me they were excited to watch me play and see what I could bring to the Maryland program.”

Copper has been very impressed with the way the Terps coaching staff has treated him so far in the recruitment process, and says it will be a major factor in his decision, “They have been very active with my family,” Cooper explained. “We have met with the coaches numerous times, and they have definitely left all of us with a very good impression.”

The Maryland coaches have continued to give their pitch to Cooper as he enters his final season at the high school level, “They continue to tell me that I can be a much needed piece to their puzzle for success. They have given me a very good idea what they will expect from me,” Cooper said.

Recently, the Maryland coaching staff has been taking Coopers recruitment down a new path. “They have been making some interesting points. When you think of talented high school football states, that produce highly touted players, you think of California, Texas, and Florida. Maryland has a lot of amazing athletes too, just not many stay in state so we don’t get the same recognition,” Cooper explained. “I want to add to the great list of Maryland athletes. By going to the University of Maryland, I can help move towards making my great the state the national powerhouse it deserves to be.”

One of the most important factors in Cooper’s decision is something he has not heard about from many coaches, “I really want to see that the coaches have a plan for me. I want to know that the coaches have an idea what they are going to be doing with me once I step onto the field,” said Cooper. “I want to know where I can exceed past my expectations.” Cooper also added that Maryland, along with a few other programs, is included in the list of schools that have gone into detail on the subject.

Maryland’s recent game against Navy, which they won 17-14 on a goal-line stand, unquestionably excited Cooper, “It was a great defensive stand. I would love to have been out there in that exact situation,” said Cooper. The defensive tackle plans to use the convenience of living to close to the University to go to a number of games in the upcoming season. The recruit plans on making official visits to most of his top seven schools sometime during December but has nothing planned at this time.

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