Mahan Impressed with Maryland

2011 OLB Rob Mahan knows the MD program well and has Terps high on his list.

Rob Mahan ostensibly will have a lot of college choices on his plate at the end of this year, and he said Maryland coaches are among those interested.

The Winslow Township (Atco, N.J.) OLB’s “in” with the Maryland coaches might be partly attributable to the fact that Mahan knows Maryland DB Antwine Perez and his family “very closely.”

Mahan visited College Park in April for the Terps’ annual spring game. “From what I saw, I liked it a lot,” Mahan said about Maryland’s campus.

He had even more praise to give for the football facilities: “I like how they made the new renovations on the stadium,” Mahan said. “I love how the players have their own eating room, and I love the weight room. I really love the whole facility that Maryland has.” While on campus, he got the chance to meet Da’Rel Scott and some other players.

“The feeling I got was Maryland…really [wants] to get better,” Mahan added. “They’re tired of losing, and they’re willing to do everything they can to get better. I know how my team is from losing.”

Winslow Township posted a 4-6 record last season, largely because of shoddy line play on both sides, as well as inexperience, according to Mahan. “This year we’re dedicated and we’re dedicated to go to the state championship,” Mahan said. “And I feel the same way about Maryland. Their players are going to do whatever it takes to win this year.” Other than Maryland, Mahan is interested in Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Louisville and Duke.

Mahan is moving to WILL LB this year after playing his first three high school years as a safety.

But he knows the transition will be challenging. Mahan, who bench presses 235 pounds, said he wanted to get stronger and to make “more plays on the ball.” “Last year I only had one interception,” said Mahan.

The 12th grader’s cool and focused demeanor should help him adjust to the transition. “My football IQ has gone up a lot,” Mahan said. “When I first got to varsity, everything moved too fast. Now I keep calm on the field. I never get rattled.”

Mahan said his college decision will depend on strength of academics, how well he fits in with a specific team’s system and coaches, and the number of people from New Jersey who attend to a certain school.

But for now, Mahan has the prospect of a Winslow Township state championship to worry about.

“This year, you can expect a winning season,” he said. “If it’s not a state championship, it’ll be very close.”

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