Terps Report Card- Week Two

TSR breaks down the Terps Week 2 position by position and grades them out.

Quarterbacks: B+

Jamarr Robinson started the game and finally began to show the mobility that made Ralph Friedgen declare him the starter before the season started. He made a couple of terrific runs for the Terps, but it’s clear that Robinson isn’t very confident in his own arm strength. Instead of going downfield, the quarterback very often threw short routes or slants, and while he was certainly accurate with those throws, he may need to do more if he wants to keep his job.

What really brought the quarterback grade up this week, though, was the play of redshirt freshman Danny O’Brien, who looked TERRIFIC after relieving Robinson in the second quarter. O’Brien showed an extremely strong arm and wasn’t afraid to go downfield, while managing to throw for three touchdowns in his first four passes. That combination of strength, accuracy and poise should make Terrapin fans confident in the QB corps for many years to come.

Running Backs: A

David Meggett continued his strong showing from last week with another terrific game that included 50 yards rushing on only eight touches. He showed patience in the backfield and waited for his holes before shooting right through them and showcasing his deceptively quick feet. Da’Rel Scott also demonstrated his speed and a quality all-around game for the Terps, as he ran for 42 yards of his own while also catching three passes for 31 yards and a touchdown after being lined up in all parts of the field.

The real star of the game was freshman D.J. Adams, though, as he ran for 70 yards on only 11 carries. Not one Morgan State defender could seem to bring down the big freshman, and after coming into the season looking to be the goal-line back for the Terps, Adams showcased speed and quickness that could lead him to having an even more important role in the offense.

Receivers: A-

The wide receivers didn’t have a very big role in the offense this week, but took advantage when they did get the ball. Torrey Smith did his thing by catching a touchdown in the end zone and stretching the field for the Terps. Adrian Cannon had an up and down game, dropping a very catchable ball in the first quarter, but the receiver quickly made up for it on the same drive with a beautiful touchdown scamper through the Morgan State defense.

Offensive Line: B

If there’s any part of this team that didn’t have a dominating performance this week, it would be the guys in the trenches. While they opened up great holes in the running game, they still allowed a good amount of pressure to a Morgan State defense that honestly shouldn’t be able to generate any pressure against a Divison I school. Also, how can the entire offensive line get called for a false start? The unit is surely going to be hearing a mouthful from Fridge about that one.

Defensive Line: B+

Good lord, was this unit good against the run. The behemoths up front looked like an impenetrable wall out there and didn’t allow a run of any significant yardage until the fourth quarter, after the game was way out of reach. And while the unit did play well against the pass in failing to allow Morgan State quarterback Donovan Dickerson to get into any sort of rhythm, they still failed to record a single sack, and against a team this bad, there should be sacks a’ plenty.

Linebackers: A+

This unit most certainly showed why they were considered to be the heart of the defense with an absolutely dominating performance. There isn’t one thing to criticize this unit for, and everyone on the team made terrific plays.

Adrian Moten had another incredible performance and showed that he can continue to be a huge playmaker on this defense with an interception and a fumble recovery. Demetrius Hartsfield came through with an interception return for a touchdown, and Alex Wujciak looked like the All-ACC linebacker that he is with five tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss.

And we can’t forget to mention true freshman David Mackall, who led the team in tackles while showing a football maturity far beyond his years.

Defensive Backs: A

This one was really tough to grade, as while the unit did limit quarterback Donovan Dickerson to only seven completions, it’s tough to judge how much of that was due to the defensive backs and how much was due to simply terrible play by Dickerson. No matter how bad Dickerson was, though, the defensive backs did showcase some terrific plays.

Cameron Chism played great, with a pass defensed along with an absolutely HUGE hit on Morgan State wideout Winfred Diggs on the Bears’ first completion of the game. Kenny Tate showed terrific coverage skills and demonstrated the same great tackling that was so important to the Terrapins’ win last week.

Special Teams: A+

I absolutely loved watching our special teams unit during this game. I don’t know what got into them, but whenever a unit has two blocked punts in a game, you pretty much have to give them a good grade. Our coverage on kicks was also superb all game, and we can’t forget to mention the play of kicker Travis Baltz. Baltz was clutch for the Terrapins this week, stepping in as the interim kicker while Nick Ferrara nurses an injury, and he nailed three kicks that were very long. Overall, the unit played superbly in a very well-played victory.

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