Boseman, Terps Waiting on Each Other

Although 2011 prospect Andrew Boseman does not have an offer from MD, there is a mutual interest.

Though Gwynn Park High School (Md.) wide receiver Andrew Boseman has not yet received an offer from Maryland, both he and the Terps have interest in each other.

The class of 2011 prospect enjoyed visiting Maryland a couple times this summer when he attended both the one-day and three-day camps.

“My experience at Maryland camp was good,” said Boseman. “At the three-day camp, I actually had a lot more fun because you had more time to spend with the coaches and actually get a feel of how the coaches coached and got more chance to showcase exactly what you could do.”

Boseman showcased his skills well enough to draw interest from Maryland coaches, especially offensive coordinator James Franklin.

“After camp I was talking to him and basically he was saying that they really liked what they saw out of me and everything,” said the 6-feet-3-inch tall, 175-pound wide receiver. “But they wanted to see my game tapes from my senior year to see exactly how I play during the game.”

Boseman was equally impressed with the coaching staff during his camp experience.

“The coaching staff as a whole, they’re together,” he said. “They know what they’re doing and it seems like it’s one big family, the coaching staff and the players all fitting in together.”

Despite nursing an ankle injury, Boseman has gotten off to a fine start in his effort to impress Maryland. The wide receiver has caught six balls for 107 yards in Gwynn Park’s first two games.

Boseman has been in contact with other schools, including Towson, Delaware State, Vanderbilt, and Duke. However, his family’s link to Maryland has vaulted the Terps to the top of the list.

“A lot of people in my family have graduated from the University of Maryland,” said Boseman. “My mother actually started out at Boston University, but she graduated from the University of Maryland. And also my aunt graduated from the University of Maryland.”

Maryland’s academics have also attracted Boseman.

“I know it’s one of the top academic programs actually in the country. I’m very aware of that,” he said. “I want to see a program where the athletics work together with the academic part of the school to make sure that the players get as much help and as much knowledge as they need to get in the school as well as on the field.”

Boseman said that he has yet to schedule any visits but that he would like to visit Maryland at some point.

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