'Flack Attack' Eager to Learn More About MD.

2012 WR/DB prospect Michael Flack is drawing interest from UConn and the Terps.

Five games into the Walt Whitman Vikings season, wide receiver Michael Flack has yielded four touchdowns and nearly 350 yards on 25 grabs, ranking amongst the top in his conference in all three categories.

At 6-1, 205 pounds, his size allows him to become a distinct target for his quarterback. And his reliability – that just makes throwing his way an even easier decision.

“I believe I am well rounded as a wide receiver – not blazing fast, but fast enough,” Flack said. “I am able to locate holes in the defense to sit in for the quarterback to throw into, and I have good hands,” alluding to the fact he has just one dropped pass in his past two seasons.

Touchdowns are great for publicity, but junior wideout is focused more on his team advancing into the state playoffs. And if that means sacrificing some catches, you won’t hear any flack from him.

“When I go on the field, I try to do the best I can at whatever helps the team, whether it’s blocking for the running backs or moving the chains,” Flack said. “I really just want to help my team in any way possible to reach the state playoffs and hopefully win a state title. I want to work my tail off at practice and with my team to do everything possible to achieve that.”

As his Vikings earned their fifth victory on the season, moving to 5-1 overall and 4-0 in the conference, Flack can’t help but draw attention to his abilities. Aside from scoring in four of the five contests, he has put together a seven-catch and nine-catch effort, totaling 91 yards and 176 yards, respectively.

Flack said his personal goal this year would to be an offensive threat and for people to take notice – so far, so good.

Maryland and Connecticut are two schools that have already expressed interest in the receiver. “I've received a couple letters here and there, but my real focus is on the here and now and trying to win football games,” Flack asserted.

There’s a mutual interest, however, as Flack said he is eager to learn more about the two universities. Already, he has attended a Terps football game at Byrd Stadium and loved the atmosphere.

“I want to go to a big school preferably with good sports teams all around,” Flack said, identifying a visit to his brother at the University of South Carolina as an intriguing environment.

But after accompanying his cousins to watch Maryland play for the first time, a similar appeal emerged. “I have to say its an environment like I've never seen before. They're a fun team to watch, and it motivates me that much more to reach that level.”

Flack plans on making strides in the weight room and on the track during the offseason in an attempt to build speed, quickness and strength. He’ll also be hitting the books hard to maintain excellence in the classroom.

“Academics are definitely a huge part of my choice for college,” Flack said.

Creative writing is a personal hobby of Flack’s, one that began in elementary school and has persisted until now. Fantasy and fictional stories, according to the author, allow him to let his imagination go to work, and something he truly relishes.

If Flack could take a hold of his own story, he suggested a postseason run to the state championships would be a good place to start. Propelled by exceptional talent and coaching up and down the Vikings team, Flack proclaimed his team could beat any opponent that appears on their schedule.

And with four games remaining in the regular season of his junior campaign, Flack will have the power to write his own ending to his story.

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