Paint Branch Senior Commits to Maryland

2011 senior combo guard Brene Moseley commits to Coach Frese and the Terps.

6Known to many as ‘Bones,’ 5’7’’ Paint Branch High School senior combo guard Brene Moseley recently added another nickname to her repertoire: ‘Baby Terp.’ Moseley made an official visit to Maryland just three weeks ago and only committed to play for Maryland this past Thursday, October 14, and has already received an affectionate nickname from the Maryland women’s basketball team. Such a family-like atmosphere is exactly what pushed Moseley, who averaged 26.3 points per game last season, to choose Maryland over Miami, Georgetown, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Florida Gulf Coast, Temple, James Madison, Pittsburgh, and Penn State. “I got along with the team really well; we automatically clicked,” explained Moseley. “And that made my decision for me. I just felt like part of a family, they all took me in.”

Having recently experienced a right anterior cruciate ligament tear, learning that several Maryland players had experienced the same injury was also helpful to Moseley in making her decision. Although schools did not have second thoughts about recruiting her when they learned she was injured back in April, finding a program that would be familiar with such an injury was meaningful for Moseley. “My knee was a big thing, and Maryland already had players that had experienced that,” said Moseley. One such player Moseley mentions is freshman Alicia DeVaughn, who had also experienced an ACL injury in high school. During Moseley’s visit, the two were able to share their experiences, comparing their initial reactions to the injury with the ensuing feelings of promise brought by surgery and recovery.

For Moseley, the assurance that her future program will provide a supportive environment fuels renewed confidence in her ability to adhere to the strict timeline of the rehabilitation process. Although the general sentiment is that rehab can never be over quickly enough for any athlete, Moseley reports that she is pleased with her progress and is being patient. Four months after surgery, she is progressing in a timely manner and is now running and jumping. “I will be playing this year but I’m not going to rush back,” said Moseley. “I’m working hard but I want to make sure my knee is fully recovered. I can’t help my team unless I help myself, unless I’m at 100%.”

And more than anything, Moseley appreciates that being in such a supportive environment will allow her to achieve her ultimate goal: “to grow as a player.” “The coaches have very high expectations and that’s the main reason why I want to go to Maryland,” said Moseley. “The coaching staff will push you hard and that’s what I love to do - I love to be pushed.” Moseley hopes that along with this growth, the team will be able to rely on her as a reliable scoring point guard and a leader, complete with a strong ‘basketball IQ.’

With a promising future ahead and the overwhelming process of choosing a school behind her, Moseley can focus on her immediate goals of successful rehabilitation and winning a state championship, knowing all along that her Maryland family is supporting her.

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