Stars Seem To Be Aligned for 2010-2011 Terps

Maryland women's assistant Coach David Adkins believes the Terps are primed to be special this year.

Maryland women’s basketball assistant coach David Adkins, who began his career with the Terps during their infamously uncharacteristic 2009-2010 season, thinks that this season, the Terps’ reputation will be restored. According to Adkins, “the energy and passion to get back on the court early in the season has been really, really good.”

He suggests that part of why he feels so good about the 2010-2011 Terps is because their intensity has been felt by every past and present member of the Maryland family, from the freshmen, to the coaching staff, to former Terps.

While novelty can sometimes be seen as a handicap, Adkins explains that this year’s freshmen have been especially talented at selectively embracing their newness - contributing that rookie eagerness without many of the typical rookie mistakes. Adkins reports that the freshmen came in for summer school, which allowed them to get acclimated and eliminate any initial insecurities they may have had. “I think coming in for summer school really helped them get their feet wet,” said Adkins.

With the adjustment period behind them, the freshmen have been able to harness the more constructive aspects of their youthfulness, which, according to Adkins, have been valuable to a Maryland program looking for rejuvenation. “They are very eager to learn, very eager to learn what we need them to do, and they just have a freshness, a newness, that has kind of rubbed off on everybody,” said Adkins.

According to Adkins, the sophomores are also contributing to the program’s sense of renewed strength, demonstrating the power of experience. “We needed so much from all of them last year, [so] they were kind of thrown into the fire,” Adkins explained. “I think they’ll be much more prepared for it the second time through. With experience you gain confidence.”

Further fueling the Terps’ hunger are tangible reminders of just how successful the Maryland program can be; according to Adkins, every starter from the 2006 national championship team has visited Comcast Center this season. “One of the neat things is that players are coming back - Marissa Coleman is in town working out with Kristi Toliver, and Crystal Langhorne, Laura Harper, and Shay Doron have all visited,” said Adkins. “The culture has really been established.”

Finally, he says that the whole program has been enveloped by Coach Frese’s promising new motto - ‘We Are Maryland’ - which is all about “getting back to the Maryland legacy.”

Outfitted with a new motto, intensified support from legendary players, eager freshmen, and seasoned upperclassmen, Adkins and the coaching staff have cause for optimism. Although many difficult opponents lie ahead, the women’s basketball team appears to be doing all the right things to prepare for them.

“The energy early in the season has been so good,” said Adkins.

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