Kizer's Key to Success

As the only remaining starter from the 2009 ACC champion team, Kizer brings needed leadership to MD.

Junior center Lynetta Kizer, the only remaining starter from the 2009 ACC championship team, believes that this season the key to the young Terps’ success is learning from each other.

Kizer acknowledges the importance of her own leadership, stating that she intends to “give [her] knowledge back to the freshmen in any way [she] can.” However, she emphasizes that, even in comparison with her own freshman year, it has become increasingly important for this year’s freshmen to fulfill their own leadership roles.

“Back [when I was a freshman], we had leaders who had won national championships on our team, so all I had to do was go out and play,” she explained. This year, on a team with no seniors and no national championship experience, Kizer states that she is learning from the freshmen, just as they are learning from her. “All of us are young and all of us can learn from each other,” she said. “What [the freshmen] need to bring to the team is that energy level. And I think they’ve done a great job so far.”

And Kizer reports that this style of cooperative leadership has paid off so far. She has seen the benefits of the team’s unified commitment in both defense and conditioning. “We played phenomenal defense [in practice] yesterday, I mean everybody was just really getting after it,” she said. “And just being able to run the court, I think that’s something we really pride ourselves on doing right now.”

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