Golden Hopes To Land Maryland Offer

Maryland prospect Monte Golden hopes that by receiving other offers, that Maryland will be next.

Monte Golden could finally breathe a sigh of relief. Two sighs, actually. The center out of Jacksonville, N.C. received his first two scholarship offers earlier this month from the University of Tennessee-Martin and the University of Memphis.

"It was definitely a big weight lifted off my shoulders to finally get an offer," Golden, a senior at Northside High School, said. "It was just a huge weight lifted to know I have somewhere to go play college football and have my education paid for so my parents don't have to pay out of their own pockets."

He said he does not have either school ranked above the other as he waits to see what additional offers he may receive in the near future.

Golden also keeps in very close contact with Louisiana State University's coaching staff and said that he expects to see an offer from LSU sometime fairly soon.

"LSU hasn't officially offered me, but they already told me they want me," he said. "They just have to work out some numbers. They don't want to over offer and have to gray shirt somebody."

The center has been in contact regularly with his Maryland recruiting coordinator Charles Bankins and attended Maryland’s homecoming game against Wake Forest. Golden tagged his interest in the Terrapins as high and he is looking to get a handle on just how serious Maryland is about him.

"I'm trying to circle out where I stand on their board," Golden said. "I'm interested in them and I hope they're still interested in me."

Over the summer, Golden attended Maryland's camp and said he was pleased with his performance and that Maryland coaches told him they "liked" him. He is still waiting for the interest to materialize.

Golden said he made a lot friends and connections at the combines he attended and seemed to be one of the last ones to receive his first offer. But, with the first two from Memphis and Tennesse-Martin on the table, he feels that he may have come to the point where he can begin to expect an increase in offers coming his way.

"God bless having one now," he said. "Coaches said other offers should start rolling in soon. The more offers you have, of course, the better it is."

With two offers under his belt and his correspondence with other programs like LSU and Maryland, Golden seems to be in a position where he will have a lot of schools to choose from.

For now, though, he can only hope that the Terps become the third school to open a spot for him next year.

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