Robinson Eyes Terps

2011 prospect Shawn Robinson hopes to turn a huge 2010 season into a MD offer

Senior wide receiver Shawn Robinson has started off his season with a bang. In just four games he has already accumulated eight catches, for over 200 yards. Robinson is hoping that these numbers will help catch some college coaches attention, as he continues to strive for a successful culmination to his high school career, “I want the coaches to see my potential, I think that will help me gain some interest,” Robinson explained.

Although the senior receiver has yet to have any official offers, he has received interest from numerous schools, including University of Connecticut, Rutgers, Boston College, Central Connecticut, and University of Maryland. Hoping to receive offers from these schools, Robinson has been updating his game film weekly, “I’ve been trying to get my game tapes out. Although we are a run based offense, I think the coaches can learn about me from my film,” said Robinson.

Robinson, a self-proclaimed highly motivated player, believes he can offer a school a lot, “I’m always going to come to play with a high motor, and come prepared for any situation,” Robinson said. Robinson believes that his biggest upside comes with his open-mindedness, “I have only been a receiver for a few years,” Robinson continued, “I’m like a piece of clay. The coaches can mold me into whatever they need me to be. I’m ready and eager to learn and grow.”

The receiver hopes to find a school where he can not only be part of a successful football program, but gain a good education as well, “I’m going to need a plan ‘B’,” said Robinson. “There is a life after football, so academics are very important to me.” Robinson also wants to be at a school with a lot of school spirit. However, if that means going far from his hometown in Connecticut, he will pass the opportunity up, “Family is very important to me. I want to find a place where I can both be close to home, and also be part of the big college atmosphere,” said Robinson.

Robinson hopes to continue to show off his 4.5-second, 40-yard dash speed through his game film throughout the rest of the season, with the aspirations of receiving an offer before the end of the high school season.

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