Maryland/Virginia- Report Card

TSR grades each position of the Terps from their win Saturday against UVA.

Quarterbacks: A

Mr. Daniel O’Brien is just growing up before our eyes, isn’t he? I was honestly questioning whether or not O’Brien would be able to rebound after a not too pretty showing against the University of Miami, but oh, did our freshman quarterback rebound. He gave the team 289 yards passing, two touchdowns through the air, and another score on the ground, and again showed that he WILL be the face of Maryland Football for foreseeable future. Color me excited.

Running Backs: B

D.J. Adams is exactly what a goal line back should look like. While the freshman’s numbers weren’t that pretty, as he didn’t even average three yards per carry, those three touchdowns were what really counted in a game that stayed close for most of the first three quarters. Adams had no long runs, but he did get the tough yards when they were needed, and he added another element to a Terrapin rushing attack that was in desperate need of a tough runner.

While Adams was great, I really shouldn’t discount the effort of Da’Rel Scott, who gave a nice little performance himself. The senior did manage 55 yards on the ground, and he caught a nice red-zone touchdown pass from O’Brien that put the game out of reach for Virginia.

Receivers: A-

I have most certainly missed the healthy version of Torrey Smith on this Maryland team. While Smith has been decent the past few weeks, he hasn’t been the explosive playmaker that we all know and love. That player finally came back this week, and he sure came back in full force. Smith pulled down seven passes for 157, yes 157 yards, which included a beautiful 62-yard grab that was huge for the Terps. I sure hope that a healthy Smith is here to stay, as the Terps are going to need him if they want to even have a chance of beating Florida State on Saturday night.

Smith’s performance was slightly diluted by the other receivers, who really weren’t able to manage much by themselves. Adrian Cannon did catch four passes, and Quintin McCree had a TERRIFIC 55-yard catch, but the Terrapins were otherwise kept quiet. It was a refreshing sight to see this unit play so well this week, and if they can keep it up, the Terrapins just might have a shot at the ACC Championship Game.

Offensive Line: B

I hate to say it, but for most of this game I felt downright confident in Maryland’s offensive line. And I’ve felt that way for most of the past month, which is shocking to me. Somehow, someway this unit has managed to pick up their game and finally give Danny O’Brien a little protection, and it is a refreshing sight to see.

While the defense the Terrapins faced on Saturday was certainly not anything All-American quality, the Terps line still managed to overwhelm them, and for that, you’ve got to give them a bit of credit. If the line can keep it up over the next couple weeks, we could very well be looking at a full-fledged all-around quality offense. I never thought I’d see the day, but it looks like it’s here, folks.

Defensive Line: B-

Not exactly the greatest of days for this group. While they were decent and did manage to apply some pressure Virginia QB Marc Verica, if only occasionally. When they did get into the backfield, it was due to the play of Joe Vellano, who’s having the quietest awesome year in some time.

The line held their own against the run, too, which is impressive considering they were facing Keith Payne, who’s been an absolute BEAST this year. The back with 741 yards and 14 touchdowns was only able to manage a paltry 68 yards against the Maryland D-Line, impressive if I do say so myself.

Linebackers: A

It’s always so hot-and-cold with this group that I never know what to expect coming into the game. Will I see the tackling-machine version of Alex Wujciak, or will I simply see the slow, average player version of the senior? Will I see a playmaking Adrian Moten? It always depends.

Luckily, it seems that everyone brought their A-games today, as both senior linebackers put together PHENOMENAL games. Wujciak managed to put together ten tackles and a pass defensed, and Adrian Moten had four tackles, a sack and an interception. If that’s not playmaking, I don’t know what is.

The rest of the unit didn’t really stand out, but they didn’t need to when these two were making plays all over the field.

Defensive Backs: B-

A very “bleh” kind of day out of this group. Nobody really stood out in coverage at all, and the only player who even made a play that was out of the ordinary with his interception. Everyone else was a step behind or really not even there in coverage, and they allowed Marc Verica to put up respectable numbers, which really should never happen. They were mediocre, so they get a mediocre grade.

Special Teams: B

An overall very boring day from our special-teams unit, which is definitely not you want when you’ve got returners like Tony Logan and Torrey Smith. They really never did anything special, though, and isn’t that what you want out of your “special” teams? (Bad joke, sorry.) Anyways, the Terrapins still managed to get good, if not great performances out of their kick returners and jack-of-all-trades Travis Baltz, so it’s tough to be disappointed.

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